A Brief History of Summer Hill

history of Summer Hill

Summer Hill is a neighborhood located on Pittsburgh’s North Side. The history of Summer Hill shows it was once part of Reserve Township and was annexed to the North Side on Halloween, 1922. It wasn’t populated much until the late ’60s, when the “Harpen Hilltop” was proposed. The Harpen Hilltop included 373 homes and a high-rise with 272 units for the elderly. Maps refer to the area as Harpen Hilltop in the early ’70s, but it later became known as Harpen Hill. The population there has been around 1,000 for the past 17 years. The neighborhood became known as Summer Hill since the mid to late ’70s, when the area around Ivory Avenue and the Harpen Hilltop homes became known as so.

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Fast Facts about Summer Hill

history of Summer Hill

Surrounding neighborhoods and communities in Summer Hill include Northview Heights, Perry North, Reserve Township and Ross Township. Much like Observatory Hill, Summer Hill has access to Riverview Park as well as downtown Pittsburgh and I-279 and McKnight Road. Area schools in Summer Hill include Pittsburgh Spring Hill, Northview International Studies, Perry Traditional Academy and many others. Summer Hill residents have access to two libraries, Allegheny Library and Woods Run Libraries, both branches of the Carnegie Library. Summer Hill takes up about 281 acres.