Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: Perry South (Perry Hilltop)

Perry South: A Glimpse into the Heart of Pittsburgh

Perry South, also known as Perry Hilltop, is a charming neighborhood nestled on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This quaint suburb was developed around the turn of the 20th century, primarily as a residential area. Today, it continues to exude a warm, small-town charm, while being conveniently located within the bustling city of Pittsburgh.

The Origin of Perry South

The name “Perry South” is derived from Perrysville Avenue, a prominent street within the neighborhood. This avenue, in turn, is named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a notable figure from the War of 1812. Interestingly, Perry utilized a native trail for supplies transportation during this war period.

Perry South


Geographical Boundaries

The area is uniquely situated on a hilltop, which naturally demarcates its borders. To the west lies Charles Street Valley, while Parkway North flanks the east. The south is bordered by the Mexican War Streets.

Historical Overview

The neighborhood witnessed significant residential development during the early 20th century, spurred by the introduction of streetcar services. The area around Charles Street, previously known as Pleasant Valley, was a popular location for these residential constructions. This area is now known as the Charles Street Valley.

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Community Involvement

Despite the challenges, the Perry Hilltop Citizens Council has tirelessly worked towards improving housing conditions, representing residents, and enhancing the neighborhood’s business district for over six decades.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

The neighborhood shares its borders with several Pittsburgh neighborhoods, including Perry North, Northview Heights, Spring Hill, Fineview, Central North Side, California-Kirkbride, and Marshall-Shadeland.

Notable Personalities

Several notable individuals have called the neighborhood home, including:

  • Dorothy Mae Richardson (1922-1991), a respected American community activist.
  • Josh Gibson (1911-1947), an acclaimed American baseball player.
  • John Brashear (1840-1920), a well-known American astronomer.

Perry South, with its rich history and strong community ties, remains a testament to Pittsburgh’s cultural diversity and resilience.


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