A Brief History of Northview Heights

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history of Northview Heights

Northview Heights is a neighborhood on the north side of Pittsburgh. The history of Northview Heights begins as part of Reserve Township before being annexed by the city in 1932. Back then, it was just vacant land and isolated from neighboring communities like Spring Hill and Summer Hill. In the late ’50s and early ’60s, the Housing Authority worked on making this part of town a livable community by creating a public housing project called Northview Heights. Interestingly enough, because the housing project was separated from its surrounding towns, it has been treated as its own neighborhood.

Fast Facts about Northview Heights

history of Northview Heights

As of the 2010 census, Northview Heights had a population of around 1,000.  Of the 723 housing units in Northview Heights, 96.3 percent occupied units were rentals. Northview Heights is located about two miles from downtown Pittsburgh and is only 101.4 acres in size. There was also a Civil War fort in the neighborhood at one time. Since Northview Heights is on a hill and is isolated, most deliveries in the neighborhood were delivered by truck or bus. At one time there were actually two school buses that served as convenience stores selling things like pop and candy. There was also a Mancini’s bread truck that delivered fresh, warm bread and doughnuts to the area.