Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: Spring Garden

Spring Garden Avenue in Spring Hill entering into Spring Garden

 A Brief History of Spring Garden

history of Spring Garden

On North Side, Pittsburgh’s Spring Garden neighborhood gets its name from Spring Garden Avenue. The avenue follows the valley that divides the two adjacent neighborhoods, East Allegheny, Spring Hill and Troy Hill. Spring Garden was settled by Germans and Austrians. The Europeans developed and worked in slaughterhouses, tanneries and more. A report from 1974 by the Department of Urban Planning explained that due to the location of Spring Garden and its convenience for industrial expansion allowed for a mixed use residential/industrial neighborhood. Unfortunately since then industry uses are shrinking because of their age and lack of available room to expand. Now, row houses are all that remains. Since 1974, the 2010 census reported that the neighborhood’s population shrank from 2,000 to 800.

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Facts about Spring Garden

history of Spring Garden

Until 1959, the community was served by the 1 Spring Garden Trolley led by Pittsburgh railways. The neighborhood is located less than a mile from downtown Pittsburgh. Spring Garden is a crescent-shaped community. The median rent is $581 per month, much lower than the national rate of $928. The median income is $35,134 with the majority of residents completing at least some college. Spring Garden is bordered by Troy Hill and Spring Hill in the city and Reserve Township.

Wigle Whiskey, recently established in the neighborhood, has earned a national reputation and helped to springboard new development and interest in the area.  The area’s easy access to Allegheny General Hospital and downtown Pittsburgh make it a convenient place to live.  The featured picture above is actually on Spring Garden Avenue in Spring Hill, but entering Spring Garden.  The history of Spring Garden is an important part of the City of Pittsburgh.

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  1. Kathy Fugent Johnson

    What is the history of the black and white photo. When was it taken and what happened?

  2. Near the turn of the last century the second greatest flood in Pittsburgh History occurred down the Spring Garden Valley. Severe thunderstorms created a wall of water that raced down the narrow valley destroying many houses and killing many people.

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