Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Edgewood

history of Edgewood

A Brief History of Edgewood

History of Edgewood

Edgewood is a borough in Allegheny County and is adjacent to the city of Pittsburgh. It was incorporated on the 1st of December in 1888. The borough has many historical landmarks, including the Edgewood Borough Building,the Edgewood Community House, the First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood, a train station and Koenig Community Field and Field House as well as Edgewood Primary School. Also, the Gardner-Bailey House is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Facts about Edgewood


Edgewood’s population was 3,118 as of 2010. The community’s adjacent neighborhoods include Swissvale, Wilkinsburg, the city of Pittsburgh and Forest Hills. Notable people that have hailed from Edgewood include David Conrad, James L. Swauger, an archaeologist, abolitionist (and early leader of the women’s movement) Jane Grey Swisshelm, George Westinghouse, NASA rocket scientist Samuel Lewis, businessman Willard Rockwell and more. The most popular age in Edgewood is 25-44 with 36 percent of the population. Nine Mile Run, an urban watershed, passes through the borough. The median household income in Edgewood in the 2010 Census was approximately $52,000. Edgewood is governed by a mayor and borough council. The mayor of Edgewood is known as Mayor J. Edward Cook. Councilwoman Schaefer is the president of the council.

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  1. I lived there for 26 years And delivered papers to almost every house in the boro in the late 40,s & early 50,s !

    1. Hi Frank, interesting – last summer we purchased a large neglected victorian on the corner of Walnut and Beech Streets (1439 Walnut), any memories of delivering papers to our house? 🙂

      1. Hi, That was definatly on my route But memorys of delivering papers is pretty sketchy Only exceptional occurances stand out , Thanks for asking ! Frank I am now 81 yrs old Ha Ha That was when i was 13

  2. The Edgewood Country Club is actually in Churchill, PA. The Edgewood Club is a private swim/ tennis club in Edgewood.

    1. Hi Betsy I lived @ 120 Lincoln Ave about 10 houses away from the Club I remember from before the Pool was installed Used to bowl Duck pins and use the Library There ! Frank

  3. I remember when the borough building was sandblasted and we found out it wasn’t actually black.

    1. I dont know what year you are reffering to , But its location next to the Pa. R,R. was probably why it turned black, I remember in approx 1945, Walking home from the Wilkinsburg Train Station, (they did not stop in Edgewood after dark ). After a movie at the Liberty theater in E Liberty ,with my Dad. That i could hear the train cinders crunching under his feet, I was not heavy enough to smash them . Steam engines were the norm then ! Frank

  4. We lived at the corner of Hawthorne & Maple. Quick access to the “tot lot” and hopping over the fence of WPSD (Western Pa School for Deaf) to play football and baseball. How about film nights at Koenig Field during the summer?

  5. I grew up in Edgewood and graduated from the then, Edgewood High s.chool. So proud of the outstanding education I got there. It was a wonderful town to grow and live in. I feel so blessed. We knew almost everyone in town and could walk anywhere safely. Edgewood Avenue had a cute little business district where needs from fresh meats, groceries, medicines, and unique gifts could be purchased. I will forever have fond memories of my life there.

  6. My uncle, Gus Andreone, was the Golf Pro at Edgewood Country Club for 35 years or so when he retired. His wife, Henrietta, used to help him at the Pro Shop.
    My Unvle Gus is still thriving and playing golf at 106 years of ago. His wife, Betty, is 100 and is a great golfer herself. Uncle Gus still plays the game he loves several times a week. Uncle Gus has had 8 Hole in Ones and Betty is not far behind

    1. As noted in a previous email. Edgewood Country Club is in Churchill, near Penn Hills.
      My family lived in Dewey Ave. my children all attended Edgewood schools. Sue, Bruce, and Glenn Hollmuller. Wonderful education.

  7. Does anyone know the history of Koenig Field, specifically who is it named for?

  8. I grew up in Edgewood, was a lifeguard at the pool at the Edgewood Club with David Johnson.
    I attended high school and was heavily involved in music there. I lived at 210 Beech Street. My family loved Edgewood and cannot imagine growing up anywhere else.

    1. Nancy Hiles Mahoney

      David Evans how are you?? Good memories of you and the other Dave, my mother, Mr. Neff and the swim team!! Good memories.
      Nancy Hiles Mahoney

  9. Lois Matzen Luyster

    I attended Edgewood High School from 1st grade through 12th, graduating in 1961. My father, Robert Matzen taught 8th grade science, chemistry, physics, band and orchestra. I loved the small town feel where everyone knew everyone! During that time, there was only one doctor that I know of: Dr. Koenig. He made house calls and had an office on Maple Avenue below the school. I always figured Koenig Field was named after him.

    1. Ms. Luyster, both my parents grew up in Edgewood and graduated in ‘59. I also believe my grandmother, Charlotte McLain was a teacher at Edgewood as well, although I don’t know what she taught. Take care.

      1. Lois Matzen Luyster

        I believe she taught English. I didn’t have her as a teacher, but I remember her well. She was a good teacher.

  10. i bought a house across the street from the old Rockwell Mansion. I am trying to find a picture of the mansion. Can anyone point me to one?

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