I conservatively estimate that I’ve seen around 4,300 live concerts and this fall, God willing, I will cross two names off of my must see live bucket list in Van Morrison and Paul Simon.  That being said… here’s my revised bucket list of live music acts I’d like to see come back to Pittsburgh.

In no particular order:

Tom Waits

He hasn’t been to Pittsburgh since 1976, no tour for the last ten years and only one appearance in the last five years (David Letterman’s farewell).  I will never forgive myself for skipping the shows in Ohio in ’06 when he did a show both in Akron and Cleveland on the same day.


Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant/Jimmy Page 

These guys have been here several times over the years, but it never fit for me.  Plant tours like a punk band (constantly) so he has the best chance to get off of the list.  It may be too late for Zeppelin. Their last show was 11 years ago in England; they haven’t been to Pittsburgh as a band since 1975.


Ringo Starr

Ringo tours every year with his all star band.  One of these times I must make it.


James Taylor   

Taylor is on the list not because I’m a huge fan or burn to see him, but I do smile every time I hear one of his songs.  


Ric Ocasek/The Cars 

Ocasek played one song in January at a Suicide (the band) tribute.  He tried getting back together with The Cars seven years ago, but admitted he couldn’t do it without co-lead singer Benjamin Orr (who died in 2000)  He briefly toured twenty one years ago as a solo act. I doubt I’ll cross this one off my list, but who knows.

Thanks to www.setlist.fm for most of this info

Ok Pittsburgh, that’s my list.  Who’s on yours?

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