I’m 49 but was still unable to sleep last night… way to excited about seeing a former Beatle tonight (although not as happy as my 13 year old son Robbie,  who is like a “7 year old on Christmas excited” – who knew?) As excited as I am about Ringo, can I be 98% as excited to see Colin Hay? Men At Work was one of the first 5 records I bought (…8 tracks initially).   

Ringo Starr is 78.  He’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… twice.  He’s the richest drummer on the planet. Yet he still tours.  As he’s done for 30 years, he gets by with a little help from his friends.

He’s bringing not only Colin Hay but also the lead singers of Toto, Santana, and 10 CC.  They will each get 2 or 3 songs to front this all-star Starr band. This should be and will be an amazing night.


This will mark the sixth time that Starr has appeared in Pittsburgh since 1980.  However it will be my first.


Ringo made my recent bucket list.  Time to cross that Beatle off (I’ve seen Paul several times). So I was too excited to sleep most of the night.  Is this what’s wrong with me or what’s right? Full report to follow… after a little catch-up nap!

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