How do you speak Pittsburghese?   Hmmm…  well… if you live here long enough, it kind of infects you.  In a nice way.  However, if you are in need of a Pittsburghese lesson or just some popular Pittsburghese words to know… we present the Pittsburghese alphabet…  starting with A & B.

1. Ahr (n.)


Hour, as in “How many more ahrs ’til we leave work?

2. Arn (v.)


Iron, as in “Grandma’s been arning all morning!” Note: Could also be used as a noun for “Iron City Beer (Arn City Beer)” 

3. Aloose (adj.)


Untied, as in “Hey be careful your shoe’s aloose!”

3. A whole nother (phrase)


Another, often used in this sentence: “I guess I have to wait a whole nother year for the Steelers or Pens to try and win a championship!”

4. Air ya go! (phrase)


There you go! Used in a sentence could be: “One order of Potato Patch fries, air ya go!”

5. Apost tu (phrase)


Photo by Dave DiCello

Supposed to, as in “Did you hear it’s apost tu thunderstorm later today?”

6. Bloomfilled (place)


The neighborhood Bloomfield in the city of Pittsburgh.

7. Bobby Mo (place)


Robert Morris University, located in Moon Twp.

8. Bill Cahr (person)


Bill Cowher, the legendary Steelers head coach.

9. Babushka (noun)


A scarf worn on the head to keep out the rain or cold.

10. Blizzarding (verb)


Snowing very hard, or a blizzard outside.

More Pittsburghese words – Part 2 of the ultimate Pittsburghese collection, C & D.

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