There’s no end to the amount of yinzer phrases here in the ‘burgh.  We started with these yinzer phrases, and are following it up with more.  Have at it n’at!

Yainga bleevis

You aren’t going to believe this. “Yainga bleevis but da Stillers pulled dat one aht!”


Meet you down there.  “Sahside?  Meechinsdahnair.”

One Snawall

Once in a while.   “One Snawall I like a cold arn.”

Out the road

Way out there out of the way.  “He lives out the road where there’s nobody.”


I know that.  “Mario was the best of all time.  Ahnno-dat!”


Both of you.  “Bowchyins goin’ dahn ehr?”

Drip droppin

Raining just a little.  “Yinz don’t need no umbrella, it’s drip droppin.”

Half in two

Cut in half.  “Mum cut the sammiches half in two.”


In about an…  “In-a-baht-a hour da Stillers game starts.”


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