Mt. Lebanon is a township in Allegheny County and located in the Pittsburgh metro area approximately 7 miles from downtown Pittsburgh. In 1912, it was created as “Mount” Lebanon, but its name was officially changed to “Mt.” Lebanon in 1975.

Mt. Lebanon

The first settlers in the area bought the land from descendants of William Penn in 1773 or 1774. Mt. Lebanon was a farming town until streetcars came in the early 1900s. Once they did, many commuted into downtown Pittsburgh and Mt. Lebanon, like many Pittsburgh suburbs at the time, was dubbed a “streetcar suburb.” Once the Liberty Tubes were completed in 1924, the neighborhood’s population grew from around 2,000 to over 13,000 people.

Many think the name Mt. Lebanon was from two Cedar of Lebanon trees that were planted in 1850. It was actually named after the area in which the settlers came (Mount Lebanon) because landscape-wise, it was pretty similar.

Mt. Lebanon

In 1928, this suburb of Pittsburgh was the First Class Township in PA to adopt a form of government called the council-manager. It has a manager who is appointed and serving as chief administration officer. Mt. Lebanon has a large amount of famous people associated with the neighborhood (actor Joe Manganiello and actress Ming-Na Wen just to name a few).  Many Pittsburghers frequent this neighborhood in the evenings for the multitude of shopping and dining choices.

Today, Mt. Lebanon is known for it’s beautiful tree-lined streets and gorgeous stone homes, a large portion of which were named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.  The business district of Mt. Lebanon, along Washington Road, is known for eclectic shops, restaurants, bars and coffee houses.

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