Welcome to season 2 of the Pittsburgh Beautiful podcast!   I’m so excited to kick this season off with my first guest, Olivia Ansell.  Olivia’s story starts in the African nation of Uganda, where she was born and raised.   Fast forward through 3 continents, at least 3 countries, setting up some international businesses, relocating with her husband and 4 children… and she chose Pittsburgh to finally settle down! From an international dress business to a specialty cake and event business and more…  it seems nothing can stop her from living her dream, right here in Pittsburgh!  Phew… I’m out of breath!

Olivia’s story is one that is worth telling.   For so many years, Pittsburgh was not seen as the type of place where you would come to live your dreams in America.   More often than not, though… that narrative is changing.   Olivia is helping that cause.   Listen to the podcast to hear her Pittsburgh Beautiful story.   You can find Olivia coaching women entrepreneurs on how to plan, set up and execute businesses on Instagram @Oliviansell and on YouTube right here.

Listen to the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast

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