11 Typical Pittsburgh Outfits

Chances are, someone in your family has at least one of these outfits in their closet!

1. The Kennywood Outfit

Photo by loopyguy.com

The Kennywood outfit is truly special. Often planned as soon as the first peek of springtime sun appears, Kennywood outfits often consist of the shortest shorts you can get away with if you’re young, or longer, almost past your knees dad shorts if you’re older. As far as tops, families sometimes get matching t-shirts, other times Kennywood = romance, so the more glitter and cleavage the better. Hats are often not worn—yinz don’t want to lose it on the Thunderbolt or something!

2. The Christmas Outfit

Every Pittsburgh woman wears this look at least once by the time they hit 50. A red top paired with black pants, often leggings now that they are back on trend again and boots, flats or heels. Bonus points if that red top includes a bejeweled holiday brooch or earrings in the shape of snowflakes.

3. The Steelers Playoffs Outfit

The time of the year is unique. Most Steeler fans reserve a prized jersey, earrings, scarf or Terrible Towel to string from their belt loop for when the team goes to the playoffs.

4. The Penguins Mom Outfit

Watch a Pens game on TV and you’ll always see that mom. She’s sitting behind the glass, just behind Sullivan, with smart black pants on and a pale yellow turtleneck. She may have a Pens silk print scarf draped around her neck.

5. The First Day of Deer Season Outfit

Sometimes this outfit with plenty of camo is worn to Thanksgiving dinner to gear up for the honorary holiday held on the Monday after Thanksgiving. You may even see Steelers or Pens camo mixed in with hat or first layer t-shirt choices.

6. The Yardwork Outfit

Every dad saves that shirt he’s had for years (’70s Steelers dynasty, ’80s Pens shirt, Hechingers, Hills, you name it) for yardwork. It may have holes, it may smell terrible, but it’s the only thing he’ll wear while he’s mowing the lawn or pulling weeds.

7. The Friday Night Lights Outfit

High school football is huge in Pittsburgh. A big comfy sweatshirt with your child’s school, your alma mater or neighborhood high school paired with jeans is a Friday night lights Pittsburgh must-have.

8. The Country Concert Outfit

Ripped jeans, a button-down flannel with a wife-beater underneath for guys. For women, change those jeans to ripped cutoffs and button the flannel but tie the ends up to make it a crop top. Of course, the ubiquitous cowboy hat is a must, especially at Kenny Chesney shows.

9. The South Side Bar-Hopping Outfit

Basically the same as the country concert outfit, except more glitter and bandage dresses and no cowboy hats.

10. The Office Lady Black and Gold Casual Friday Outfit

This epic outfit includes tapered khakis, a Steelers jersey or Pens t-shirt, Steeler or Penguins earrings and is often accessorized with a food item to bring to the office potluck. Bonus points for anything bedazzled, particularly baseball caps.

11. The Dressy Steelers/Pens Outfit

To the classy yinzer who got invited to a fancy party or an event or even something as big as prom, you’ve got to support your team right? It’s not uncommon to see a true Pittsburgher in a black and gold sequined gown or classy black tux with yellow bow tie.



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