Wow…!  What a response to our previous Steelers Fan post!  Obviously we couldn’t cover every reason you’re a Steelers Fan (although we tried… we weren’t fooling anyone!).  So… let’s round this out with some of our fans reasons they know they’re Steelers fans…  We had thousands of reactions and comments on our Facebook page about this… and here are a few of the select reasons from comments on the post that Pittsburghers call themselves Steelers fans…

Kristy Montgomery You know you are a Steelers fan when you sit out in freezing weather for HOURS to show your crazy love & support for them!!!Took me almost 3 days to stop having chills after the game last week but it was worth it!!

Debbie Kruger You know you’re a Steeler fan when you take your Christmas tree outside but leave it in the yard and put Black & Gold ornaments on it until after the Super Bowl.

Tracey Anderson Black When you represent your beloved Steelers while on vacation in Disney World and a man chases you down Main Street with his son and says..see Steeler fans are the best fans in the world and shakes your hand (he was from Connecticut)

Geri Crusan When you have a meltdown over somebody disrespecting the Terrible Towel.

Clifford Mcafee When your friends from other States call you PITTSBURGH

Steelers Fan in the Cold
Steelers Fan Christmas Tree
Steelers Fan Doesn't Disrespect the Terrible Towel
Steelers Fan Babies
Steelers Fans Lawn
Steelers Fans Bleed Black and Gold

Mim Bizic When you put a Steeler “inner tube” ring on your 10 month old daughter in the new-to- you community pool in Houston, TX, and someone yells out, “Hey, Pittsburgh!” And all of a sudden you have new friends for life!

Patty Tysarczyk Popek You know you’re a Steelers fan when you suffer a heart attack while watching the game, but wait until halftime to go to the hospital. True story, my brother-in-law did that!

Donna Rizor Helman When you’ve given birth and tell the Dr you have to be home by game day!!

Barbara Park You know your a Steelers fan when there are terrible towels on your walker after you come home from having surgery.

Mike Davin When you move your living room out to the front yard to watch the Steelers

Rich Brown … you donate blood and it comes out black and gold.

Life may sadly take you out of the ‘burgh, but nothing can take the ‘burgh out of you.

Jocelyn Swanick


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