In Pittsburgh, being a Steelers fan is a way of life. We put together ways for newcomers to the city to understand why we get as wild as we do, especially at playoff time. Pittsburghers who have been here their whole lives, we hope you get a good chuckle and some nostalgia! #HereWeGo!

you're a steelers fan when

You Know You’re a Steelers Fan When…

  • You are knighted at birth at Magee Women’s Hospital with your own Terrible Towel, dubbing you a Steeler fan for life as you wailed in the nursery.
  • Your Sunday church clothes mean wearing your nice vintage Bradshaw jersey, or if you’re a little younger than that, Ward or Bettis jersey.
  • You head to Giant Eagle and subconsciously switch shampoo and conditioner to Head & Shoulders, later realizing it might be because of this commercial.
  • It was just a little too close to home when This is Us Super Bowl episode showed us how The Big Three were conceived—in a bar bathroom, during the 1980 Super Bowl when the Steelers won against the LA Rams. Super Bowl babies anyone?
  • You’ve had a relative fall out of a chair, break something, have a heart attack or end up in the hospital due to the outcome of a Steelers game.
  • You’ve made people switch seats in the living room if the game wasn’t going well.
  • Just the mere mention of the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals makes you instantly roll your eyes.
  • Just the mere mention of the Cleveland Browns causes you to fall on the floor hysterically laughing.
  • Your grandmother swears worse than you ever have when the Steelers are on.
  • Your iPhone playoff soundtrack consists of every version of “Here We Go” and the “Steelers Polka.”
  • Anytime you hear “Renegade” you close your eyes and think about the one time at the game, when you saw that big play in person.
  • You’ve eaten black and gold bagels, cookies, tortilla chips, beer and more.
  • You’ve turned down important events because the game was on.
  • Black and gold aren’t just colors, they’re a way of life for you.


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Any rabid fan will tell you This is What the Pittsburgh Steelers mean to them

you're a steelers fan when


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