You Know You’re a Steelers Fan When…

In Pittsburgh, being a Steelers fan is a way of life. We put together ways for newcomers to the city to understand why we get as wild as we do, especially at playoff time. Pittsburghers who have been here their whole lives, we hope you get a good chuckle and some nostalgia! #HereWeGo!

you're a steelers fan when

You Know You’re a Steelers Fan When…

  • You are knighted at birth at Magee Women’s Hospital with your own Terrible Towel, dubbing you a Steeler fan for life as you wailed in the nursery.
  • Your Sunday church clothes mean wearing your nice vintage Bradshaw jersey, or if you’re a little younger than that, Ward or Bettis jersey.
  • You head to Giant Eagle and subconsciously switch shampoo and conditioner to Head & Shoulders, later realizing it might be because of this commercial.
  • It was just a little too close to home when This is Us Super Bowl episode showed us how The Big Three were conceived—in a bar bathroom, during the 1980 Super Bowl when the Steelers won against the LA Rams. Super Bowl babies anyone?
  • You’ve had a relative fall out of a chair, break something, have a heart attack or end up in the hospital due to the outcome of a Steelers game.
  • You’ve made people switch seats in the living room if the game wasn’t going well.
  • Just the mere mention of the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals makes you instantly roll your eyes.
  • Just the mere mention of the Cleveland Browns causes you to fall on the floor hysterically laughing.
  • Your grandmother swears worse than you ever have when the Steelers are on.
  • Your iPhone playoff soundtrack consists of every version of “Here We Go” and the “Steelers Polka.”
  • Anytime you hear “Renegade” you close your eyes and think about the one time at the game, when you saw that big play in person.
  • You’ve eaten black and gold bagels, cookies, tortilla chips, beer and more.
  • You’ve turned down important events because the game was on.
  • Black and gold aren’t just colors, they’re a way of life for you.


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you're a steelers fan when


21 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Steelers Fan When…”

  1. My grandmother dies with a terrible towel in her hands and was buried with it. Her brother had played on the first team!

  2. When asked by a prominent cable company when on Sunday would be a good time for the installation, I asked why on Sunday, DURING THE GAME????? ha ha I really don’t know where she was located, but during a Play-Off game?

  3. My grandfather watched his beloved team win their first Super Bowl & passed away that night. The family always said seeing the Steelers winning a Super Bowl was the only thing that kept him alive.

    1. That made me cry! Now THAT is more like “you know you’re a Steeler fan when..” I didn’t like this list.. it was very weak. But I like your story!

  4. My father was a Pittsburgh motorcycle cop that accompanied some of the first Steeler teams and was a friend of Mr. Rooney.
    At 82 still a Steelers fan.

  5. I have actually worn a Hines Ward jersey to church. Only on Ravens game days since our pastor is from Baltimore.

  6. We’ve had season tickets for 46 years. Went with Myron Cope and 300 fans to New Orleans for our honeymoon in the Old Tulane stadium in November 1974. Got married 2 mos to soon. First Steeler Super bowl was in January in New Orleans.
    Beginning of my heart attack at an OT Cleveland game on Sept. 29, 2002. We won the game and I received a stent at AGH.

  7. My church is in the North Side and we all wear Steelers gear on game days. Dan Rooney goes to my church, so it’s appropriate.

  8. I remember going to South Park, as a kid, to watch the Steelers practice at the Oval before they moved to St. Vincent. Watching games at Pitt Stadium and Forbes Field before 3 Rivers was built.

    1. Kate Schell-Smith

      My mom was in the hospital with pneumonia and the respiratory therapist came in to administer a breathing treatment. It was almost 1pm, so mom told him to “ hold on, the Steelers are getting ready to start the game!

  9. My Dad was an avid Steelers (and Pirates) fan…everytime the Steelers scored, he would call us all and let the phone ring once. He passed in 1993…we still carry on that tradition within the family…this one is for you, Dad.

  10. My dad said he wasn’t going anywhere till we got the “one for the thumb”. He got that plus one more before he passed at 91. Well, Number 7 is for Rupe in heaven.

  11. Grew up in Southwest GA. Followed the Falcons who never even made the playoffs. Moved to Southwest PA, the Steelers were winning and keep winning. Been an avid fan for over 23 years, it’s in my DNA now. I can see being buried with my Terrible Towel!

  12. My mom was never allowed to watch the games as she as a jinx… I would sit in the kitchen with her and play cards and listen to Myron Cope. Still prefer to listen to the game on the radio with Hillgrove and Co. oh and my dads favorite word when there was a bad play was “APESH**!”

  13. When you live in the shadow of Ravens stadium and teach at a Baltimore City School….and on the Friday before the Steelers v Ravens game you proudly walk out of your home…in your colors and go to work inside a Baltimore City MIddle School…and your students laugh and tease you because you have taught them to be good sports

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