You Know You’re a Pittsburgh Mom When…

Pittsburgh Mom

Sure, we’ve got Pittsburgh Dad but everyone knows being a Pittsburgh mom is just as unique as being a dad from Pittsburgh. In honor of Mother’s Day, we put together seven funny ways you know you’re not just a regular mom, but a Pittsburgh Mom.

1. A football or hockey game is not complete without a spread of your signature food items.

Pittsburgh Mom Pittsburgh Mom

No Pittsburgh mom is complete without her signature dip, hot and cold appetizer of choice and cookies—homemade, Smiley or Giant Eagle counts.

2. Your wedding cookie table game is strong.

Pittsburgh Mom

The minute you get word of a family member’s engagement you get to work on your cookies, freezing them until the wedding day.

3. You own more than one fridge and freezer.

Pittsburgh Mom

Every self-respecting Pittsburgh mom owns a garage fridge and freezer. How else will yinz be able to freeze your Sam’s Club finds? Where else would you put your Christmas roast you found in July on a good deal?

4. You met your husband in high school.Pittsburgh Mom

Maybe you had your first kiss together on your school’s picnic day, in Kennywood’s Old Mill. Years later, perhaps you were proposed to atop Mt. Washington. Either way, many Pittsburgh moms are true romantics and marry their high school sweethearts.

5. The magic words to get you in the mood are “honey I bought Steeler/Pens tickets…and arranged for a baby-sitter.”

Pittsburgh Mom

There’s nothing better than date night at PPG Paints Arena or Heinz Field. Throw in a Primanti’s sandwich and a couple beers and it’ll be a magical night with your man.

6. You don’t like to drive at night or in the snow.

Pittsburgh Mom

As soon as that first flake flies or the sun sets on another day, as a Pittsburgh mom you are just not a fan of driving in winter weather or in the dark. Who could blame you either the way some roads are in the winter time!

7. You scoff at women from other cities who don’t put fries on their salad.

Pittsburgh Mom

Seriously, who doesn’t understand such a delicacy? Fries on your salad is like heaven on a plate. Kale, shrimp, chickpeas…women from other cities just don’t get it.

Tell us about your Pittsburgh Mom…  and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from Pittsburgh Beautiful!


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