There’s no doubt about it, we’ve been having a great season so far! Cheer on the Steelers against their hardest game yet—the Patriots—today at 4:30.  We’ve put together some highlights from the Steelers season this year… so far…Here we go!

1. The Boswell field goal in the last seconds of the Green Bay game…and the Colts game.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

A Regular Season game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns on Sunday November 15th 2015. The Steelers defeated the Browns 30-9.

We really should add Chris Boswell to the killer bees (Ben, Bell and Brown).

2. The T.J. Watt sack that ended the Ravens game.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

Flacco was taken down by the star rookie and the clock ran out, giving us a 38-39 win.

3. Antonio Brown’s helmet catch.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

We all were amazed when we saw the incredible catch using his helmet.

4. Scoring 40 points during the Titans game.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

During the same game as the helmet catch, we put 40 points on the board.

5. Coming together for Ryan Shazier.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

Inside linebacker Ryan Shazier’s injury is NOT a highlight to the season, but the way we came together for him not only as a team but as a city is pretty special.

6. The crazy touchdown celebrations.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

Weight lifting, family photos and more. Who knows what the Steelers will come up with next?

7. Discovering future star Steelers like Juju Smith-Schuster.

Highlights from the Steelers Season

The barely able to drink Smith-Schuster is not only a great football player, he’s outspoken and has already gotten himself into trouble, getting suspended for one game in a controversial hit. Either way, he’s fun to watch.

And today may provide some of the biggest highlights on the way to the you-know-what, Pittsburgh!

Need a place to watch the Steelers game?  Here are some!

How do you know your a Steelers fan?  Here you go…


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