If Christmas Songs Were Written by Pittsburghers – First Edition

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Pittsburghers penned Christmas songs? We sure did. Here’s a list of holiday songs with a Pittsburgh twist. We hope you enjoy a festive chuckle!

“Jolly Old St. Cope”

Christmas Songs

It’s not “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” anymore, but Myron Cope, the great Steelers announcer who’s watching over his beloved team from the heavens.

“Grandma Got Run Over By Some Jagoff on 51”

Christmas Songs

We all know reindeer are way nicer than the crazy drivers on Route 51.

“Silent Night: An Ode to the Bengals Playoff Season”

Christmas Songs

Of course Silent Night would have a subtitle if it was written by Pittsburghers.

“Deck Yinz Halls”

Christmas SongsWith bahs of holly!

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Playoff Season”

Christmas Songs

Well… we gotta beat BeliCHEAT first…

“Rockin’ Around the PPG”

Christmas Songs

Christmas tree? Why one of the nicest is dahn PPG Place of course.

“All I Want for Christmas is Another Stanley Cup”

Christmas Songs

It’s a long shot, but you never know.

“Do You Hear What I Hear? Crying Capitals Fans”

Christmas Songs

For the team we all love to hate.

“We Wish Yinz a Hunky-Dory Christmas”

Christmas Songs

Many old-school Pittsburghers still use the phrase hunky-dory.

“Have Yourself a Slippy Little Christmas”

Christmas Songs

The roads do always get a little slippy at Christmastime.

“Here Comes That Nebby Santa Claus”

Christmas Songs

He’s always in your business, making sure you’re nice and not naughty.

“Happy Christmas (Construction’s Over)”

Christmas Songs

Thank goodness the cold weather means construction is over! – um… or not.

“Scootch into Christmas”

Christmas Songs

Can yinz scootch over just a bit so I can get a picture of my kids on Santa’s lap?

“Twas the Night Before the Patriots Game…”

Christmas Songs

…And Dad was dahn at church putting extra money into the collection basket.

“Parkway Ride”

Christmas Songs

Because sometimes it has enough ups and downs to feel like a “Sleigh Ride.”

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  1. Love it. I came from Pittsburgh and forgot a lot of the little sayings from down their. Love it and Merry Christmas to ya all

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