Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Emsworth

A Brief History of Emsworth

History of Emsworth

Emsworth Borough is suburb of Pittsburgh located just a few miles north of the city. The community is located just off Ohio River Boulevard. Emsworth is on land that was originally bought by the commonwealth from heirs of William Penn. The purchase was confirmed by a tribe of Indians just before the French and Indian War broke out. During the Revolutionary War, men were promised pieces of land in addition to Army pay if the remained with the military. Emsworth was patented to a man named John Wilkins and the name comes from an old English duke.

The first settler in the community came in 1802. Three years later, he sold the land to David and William Courtney. William married the daughter of a man who had been one of the first settlers in Ben Avon. Together the two had 18 children. William bought a home that is now athletic fields along Ohio River Boulevard. Former President Zachary Taylor was a guest in the Courtney’s home at one point. The current Emsworth borough was crossed by what was called the old Makintosh trail. It reached from Fort Pitt to Beaver. Those who wished to strike it rich in the West felt that Emsworth was a gorgeous place to settle, as its surroundings were pretty and it was located next to water.

Facts about Emsworth

History of Emsworth

Astronaut Michael Fincke is from Emsworth. Fincke previously held the record for most time in space until Scott Kelly broke it in 2015. As of the 2000 census, there were just over 2,500 people living in the community with approximately 642 families. Emsworth received an overall A grade for liveability and is good for families and housing.

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  1. Linda Giovengo Musser

    I grew up in Emsworth,Pa.my dad had the small grocery store across from the street car loop. Giovengo’s market. My uncle Anthony Giovengo lived in the house next to the grocery building he was on the Emsworth police dept,another uncle Sam had the local tavern next to the grocery store. So many wonderful memories. I thy to make it home every three years to visit family.My aunt still lives in the home my grandfather built on Hazlewood Ave.

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