Miss Pittsburgh International 2020 and the Younger Generation – The Podcast

If Pittsburgh (and Western PA) is to again become an increasingly relevant city and region one of the key factors is the younger generation.  For many years now, we have been losing our best and brightest to areas of the country and the world perceived to have greater opportunity.  This week, I interview one of those best and brightest of the younger generation… Jasmine Schulte.   A graduate of Gateway High School and recently named Miss Pittsburgh International 2020,  Jasmine is attending Point Park University in the fall.  Her mission, as Miss Pittsburgh International 2020, is to increase awareness of the plight of the homeless in the Pittsburgh area.  She is deeply involved currently with Light of Life Rescue Mission.

Hear my interview with Jasmine. Below.  She talks about growing up a Pittsburgher, what her goals are, what her and her friends like to do in our city, and how surprised she is that a lot of her friends and acquaintances are deciding to go to school in or stay right here in Pittsburgh.

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  1. It is great that this young lady wants to stay in Pittsburgh and stayed involved with Social causes that will benefit others.
    I left the Pittsburgh area 52 years ago and have still stayed in touch with some friends and family.
    My Home has always been Pittsburgh at Heart ??

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