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Last year, we had a lot of fun thinking about if Pittsburghers wrote holiday songs, what would they be called? We put together a second list of holiday songs with a Pittsburgh twist. We hope you enjoy a festive laugh or two!

“All I Want for Christmas (is for the Steelers to Be Better) “

Christmas Songs

It’s been an interesting season to say the least. All most Pittsburghers want for the holiday season is for the Steelers to get better, whether it’s our field goal kicker, coaching staff or general team morale.

“The Little Guentzel Boy”

Jake Guentzel may be 24 years old but he still looks like he’s 12. He may not be a drummer but we all know he can play some serious Pens hockey.

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pothole Season”

The more it snows and the colder it gets spells trouble for our roads.

“Run JuJu Run”

Forget Rudolph, we love cheering on JuJu Smith-Schuster as he runs downfield.

“Jagoffs We Have Heard in Ohio”

Nope, it’s not “Angels We Have Heard on High,” it’s the jagoff Browns and Bengals fans across the Pennsylvania border!

“No More Snow! No More Snow! No More Snow!”

Things to do in Pittsburgh this Weekend

Sure, it’s nice and jolly around the holidays but really, the snow can stop in January.

“Do Yinz Know It’s Christmas?”

This one’s a no-brainer.

“Santa Claus is Coming Dahntahn”

…But the real question is, what streets will be closed?

“I Saw Mum Jaggin’ Santa Claus”

In Pittsburgh, moms don’t kiss Santa Claus.

“Do Yinz Hear What I Hear?”

The sound of anxious Steeler fans praying hard for wins as the season winds down.

“Chipped Ham & Isaly’s”

Forget “Misletoe & Holly,” chipped ham and Isaly’s are some of Pittsburgh’s finest.

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Parking Chair”

Nothing says good neighbor like buying them a parking chair for Christmas.

“Go Tell it on the Mahhntain”

Everyone knows Pittsburghers pronounce their vowels just a little bit differently.

“Geez, Rest Yinz Nebby Gentlemen”

…Because there’s always someone in the neighborhood in your business!

“O Little Tahn of Beltzhoover”

Sometimes, we tend to think of our own neighborhoods rather than the actual song lyrics, especially if the syllables fit!

Catch the first edition of Pittsburgher’s Christmas songs right here!

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