5 Great Restaurants in Sharpsburg

restaurants in sharpsburg

Sharpsburg is home to a few great places to eat.  Here’s a short list of 5 great restaurants in Sharpsburg we think you’ll definitely want to try if you’re close by.  If you don’t see your favorite Sharpsburg restaurant on the list, leave a comment and we’ll check it out!

1. Café on Main    Restaurants in Sharpsburg

Great food and a fun atmosphere are at this local cafè. They have lots of seasonal specials too, like gingerbread hotcakes and eggnog French toast. Expect delicious grilled sandwiches, hot soups and more for a perfect fall meal. For more information on the Café on Main, click HERE.

2. Gran Canal Caffé

Restaurants in Sharpsburg

This Italian eatery has been in operation for over two decades. Mouthwatering pastas are on the menu, including a pillowy baked gnocchi and mushroom ravioli. There’s also lots of meat and fish dishes like chicken milanese and shrimp San Marco. For more information on the Gran Canal Caffé, click HERE.

3. Gino Bros. Pizzeria

Restaurants in Sharpsburg

Your typical neighborhood pizzeria ups the ante with amazing gyros, wraps and rolls—including pepperoni, sausage and chicken and feta. In addition to pizza, there’s calzones and wings too. For more information on Gino Bros. Pizzeria, click HERE.

4. Hitchhiker Brewery & Tap Room

Restaurants in Sharpsburg

The original pub is in the heart of Mt. Lebanon while the new brewery and taproom is in Sharpsburg. The restaurant is located in a building that was once home to the Fort Pitt Brewing Co. There’s plenty of brews and pub fare to enjoy along the 25-foot long steel-topped bar. For more information on the Hitchhiker Brewery & Tap Room, click HERE.

5. Dancing Gnome

Restaurants in Sharpsburg

Dancing Gnome is also a local brewery in the neighborhood. They believe in the process of refining their creations to create the perfect brew. The brewery is open Wednesday through Sunday with an accompanying local food truck to go with your beer of choice. For more information on Dancing Gnome, click HERE.

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