There’s nothing like a good batch of french fries, right? Of course Pittsburgh has plenty of delicious options. From Meat & Potatoes ones served with truffle oil to home fries at Waffles, INCaffeinated for the perfect breakfast, there’s something for everyone.  Here are five spots to find the best french fries in Pittsburgh.

1. Meat & Potatoes

Best French Fries in Pittsburgh

Mmmm we’re getting hungry just thinking about these fries. Crispy and made to perfection, Meat & Potatoes fries come with a side of to-die-for truffle mayo. Topped with herbs and salt and secret weapon truffle oil, they are not to be missed.

2. The O

Best French Fries in Pittsburgh

Who hasn’t stopped here after a night of fun? Their fries are simple but their portions are gigantic. Dip them in some Heinz ketchup (of course) and they can’t be beat.

3. Burgatory

Best French Fries in Pittsburgh

Burgatory’s pommes frites are cut fresh by hand every day. Guests can choose among a few different flavors including sea salt and herb, jalapeño cheddar and bacon and truffled gorgonzola. Pair them with a mouthwatering burger or refreshing shake

4. Fuel & Fuddle

Best French Fries in Pittsburgh

Fuel & Fuddle’s sweet potato fries are an absolute must-order. Crispy and delicious, it’s nice to know you’re eating something just a tiny bit better for you than regular fries.

5. Waffles, INCaffeinated

Best French Fries in Pittsburgh

This breakfast hotspot has home fries that are incredible. Pair the salty deliciousness with some sweet waffles topped with items like cinnamon and sugar or blood orange sauce.


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