Rusted Root Reunites at the Deutschtown Music Festival

The Deutchtown Festival usually creates magic moments.  From the pop up Clarks show to The Common Heart to many others in years past.  This year, we got a Rusted Root reunion.

With Jim Donovan and his Sun King Warriors, Liz Berlin and her current band – Drowning Clowns, Patrick Norman and his band – Borstal Boys, and The Jenn Wertz Band on the bill at the 400 plus band Deutsctown music festival expectations ran high for a reuinion.  They were fulfilled.

During Donovan’s set, he made repeated mentions of how great it was his former band mates were there.  He showed his appreciation by bringing them up on stage.  It was spectacular.

With two songs left, Donovan brought Wertz, Berlin, and Norman up for Back To Earth (“my favorite Rusted Root song” – per Donovan) and a cover of Sympathy For the Devil which brought the house down (despite having technical issues).  The crowd acted like the Beatles had reunited and, damn, it felt like that.

The Deutschtown Music festival goes on all weekend with 400 plus bands.

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