We were inspired by the success of previous Pittsburghese posts so we decided to create the ultimate Pittsburghese collection from A to Z. Here is part ten, S and T.

1. Sadurdee (noun)


Saturday. Used in a sentence could be “I’m going dahn Giant Iggle on Sadurdee!”

2. Sammitch (noun)


Sandwich, as in “I love me a good Primantis sammitch!”

3. Scrull (noun)

Squirrel—could be used like, “See that scrull on that branch next to my haus?”

4. Silver tops (noun) 


Hershey Kisses, often used as tops for holiday or wedding cookies.

5. Tahl (noun)


Towel. Used in a sentence could be “I need a new Terrible tahl.”

6. ‘Tayda (noun) 


Potato—as in, “I love a good sweet ‘tayda pie.”

7. Tire (noun) 


Tar, as in tar on the roads.

8. Toll (noun) 


Tool, like “What happened to my toll box?”

9. Ta-may-ta (noun)


Tomato—could be used as so: “I like extra ta-may-ta sauce on my spaghetti.”

10. Tossle cap (noun)


A winter hat, often with an accoutrement hanging from the top resembling a tossle.

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