Pittsburgh Coffee Shops Guaranteed To Deliver Flavor

Pittsburgh Coffee Shops

Great Pittsburgh Coffee Shops

If you want a little extra energy or a spot to get some work done, we have the perfect spot for you!  Pittsburgh coffee shops have a unique and inviting atmosphere that make them perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a date night, hanging out with friends, or a work meeting. If you’re after something special or just a classic cup of coffee, these coffee shops will satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Orbis Caffe

If you’re in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, Orbis Caffe is a great place to check out! It offers a unique combination of a bar, coffee shop and brunch spot all in one. With its Washington Road location, it’s ideal for a leisurely Sunday brunch with friends or a productive weekday work session. They have an extensive selection of coffee, tea, and food, plus a full bar. Check out our YouTube video to get a glimpse of our amazing experience at Orbis!

Adda Coffee & Tea House

At Adda Coffee & Tea House, they believe in the concept of  bringing people together to converse and share ideas. Adda is actually the Bengali word for bringing people together. To make sure the experience is top-notch, they source the finest coffee beans from around the world. They also have partnerships with some of the best bakeries and restaurants, to provide food that pairs well with your coffee. Our favorite is the ‘Shadyside Sunrise’, the perfect combination of energy and taste to start your day off right!

Commonplace Coffee

A coffee shop that has become quite well-known in the area is Commonplace Coffee. Many people come to the establishment for its warm atmosphere and selection of drinks. It is a place where people can come together and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

The employees at Commonplace Coffee are passionate about coffee and dedicated to making sure customers have a positive experience. Not only do they serve up a great cup of joe, but they also keep customers informed about what’s going on in the local area. Through the years, this coffee shop has been a space where baristas can share their knowledge and enthusiasm with customers.

If you cannot make it to the coffee shop, Commonplace Coffee provides the opportunity to purchase wholesale coffee, equipment, and more so that you can replicate your favorite beverages in the comfort of your own home.

Gasoline Street Coffee

Visitors to Gasoline Street Coffee are met with a vintage car-themed decor as they enjoy the drinks on offer. Whether it’s a traditional latte, cappuccino, or espresso, or something a bit different like a tea or smoothie, this unique coffee shop has a drink for everyone. To make the experience even better, visitors can also enjoy a breakfast sandwich or pastry to go with their chosen beverage.

La Prima Espresso Co.

This business specializes in providing a high quality espresso service.  It also happens to be one of our personal favorites.

Since its inception as a small coffee shop in 1988, La Prima Espresso Co. has grown into a premier destination for coffee lovers throughout the city. When you step through the doors, you’ll feel like you’re in Italy: from the warm hospitality to the carefully selected, top-notch coffee beans, it truly is a unique experience. With a variety of 20 coffee beans and a range of drinks, La Prima Espresso Co. can certainly be counted among the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

KLVN Coffee Lab

is a place where coffee aficionados can find their perfect brew. It has become a popular destination for those looking to explore the diverse flavors of coffee. The lab offers a variety of coffee beans from all over the world, each with its own unique flavor profile. From espresso to cappuccino, KLVN Coffee Lab is sure to have something to suit any coffee lover’s tastes.

When it comes to coffee shops in Pittsburgh, KLVN Coffee Lab stands out from the rest. The modern interior and chic decor give the place a stylish vibe and the coffee is roasted to perfection. You can get your traditional coffee favorites like Americanos, Mochas, and lattes here. What’s more, KLVN has some really cool merchandise, brewing equipment, and knick-knacks that you can take home with you.

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange

A provider of premium coffee and tea, offering a wide variety of products and services to its customers.

For those looking for the perfect cup of joe, Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange in the Strip District is the place to be! With its 50 years of expertise, this cafe offers coffees imported from all around the globe, including Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Enjoying a cup of coffee here is like taking a journey around the world in every sip!

It is highly recommended for one to visit the coffee bar so that they can customise their coffee and tea consumption.

Coffee Tree Roasters

Coffee Tree Roasters, with its goal of providing the freshest and highest quality coffees from around the globe and also creating relationships, is a must-visit in Pittsburgh. From iced drinks to cortado, they have it all! Plus, they even provide a variety of tea options and delectable treats like Oram’s donuts. Tip: Don’t miss out on the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate—it tastes as delicious as it sounds!

Constellation Coffee

Brewing up a delightful cup of coffee, Constellation Coffee offers customers the opportunity to try a variety of different blends. From light and bright to dark and rich, their selection of coffee is sure to please every palette. Enjoy a cup of Constellation Coffee and experience a truly unique flavor.

Constellation Coffee is a Pittsburgh-based espresso bar that offers a wide range of coffee drinks and baked goods. From the Flat White espresso to the Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha, this cafe has something for everyone. Tea drinkers will enjoy the selection of specialty-sourced tea leaves, including Masala Chai. Despite being one of many coffee shops in the city, Constellation Coffee stands out as a true hidden gem that is really worth visiting!

Coffee from Constellation is a popular choice among many people. It has a distinctive flavor that many find pleasing, and it can be found in stores across the country. This particular type of coffee is well-known for its quality and taste.

Black Cat Market

A black cat marketplace is a great place to shop for all kinds of items. It offers a wide variety of products from clothing to household items. The prices are usually very reasonable, and the selection is usually pretty good. It is a great place to find something unique and special.

The Black Cat Market, driven by a desire to aid in animal rescue, is offering customers the opportunity to spend time with lovable cats while sipping coffee. The cats have their own designated room, entirely separate from the service area, and any of the cats can be adopted through Frankie’s Friends. Everything a person could want: cats, coffee, and the ability to support the community! Note: It is necessary to make a reservation prior to visiting the cat room through the provided link.


The Black Cat Market, located at 5135 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, can be found on Google maps at this link.

De Fer Coffee & Tea

Take a trip to De Fer Coffee & Tea in the Strip District for a unique hipster experience! This establishment offers sustainably sourced coffee and beverages at reasonable prices. Not only that, they also have simple foods, cocktails, wine, and craft beer to make sure everyone’s tastes are catered for. Why not grab a cold brew in one hand and a glass of wine in the other – the perfect way to recharge in the middle of the day!


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Residents of the Strip consider COLOMBINO a favorite coffee shop. Fast service and a dedication to farm-to-table, they prioritize the art of brewing coffee. Beans are imported directly from Colombia and roasted each day to guarantee the freshest flavor. COLOMBINO offers a variety of treats, including cold brews, hot chocolate, plantains, and banana bread – a great place to savor a cup of joe!

Hours and Where to Find Us

Delanie’s Coffee

Delanie’s Coffee, located in Pittsburgh’s South Side, is a great spot for a quick meeting or a study session. It has a pleasant atmosphere with friendly baristas and unique drinks as well as stylish decor which is periodically updated using art from local artists. Stop by Delanie’s Coffee for an amazing experience!

Curbside Coffeehouse

We have a boundless appreciation for Curbside Coffeehouse. This charming cafe offers an array of options from coffee to smoothies to breakfast. Our favorite dish is the Tomato & Egg Avocado Toast. It goes amazingly well with any type of coffee you choose. Plus, the rumor is that Brown sugar shaken espresso on ice with oat milk is simply delightful. A suggestion: Follow Curbside on Instagram, you won’t regret it. The pictures they post are simply delightful!

More Options for a Caffeinated Fix in Pittsburgh

Visiting Anchor and Anvil, located in Coraopolis, is a great way to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Biddle’s Escape, a cafe located in Regent Square, is a great spot to visit.

Mechanic Coffee Co., which can be found in Verona, is a great place to satisfy your coffee craving.

Black Forge Coffee, located in Allentown and McKees Rocks, is the place to be for a great cup of joe.

Situated in Sewickley, Press House Coffee provides the perfect cup of joe.

The Moonbeam Cafe in Oakmont is a great place to visit.

Located in Lawrenceville, 4121 Main is the place to be!

Caffe D’Amore, located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is a popular spot for coffee and more.

The Black Canary from Springdale offers a unique selection of coffee products.

Convive Coffee Roastery is located in McCandless, Lawrenceville, and Mars.

Head to Shadyside for a visit to Arriviste Coffee Bar!  Visit their website here.

Bethel Park’s own Reginald’s Coffee can be found at their website.

Further Activities to Enjoy in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh offers some delightful coffee shops to help you start your day off right. You can find all of your favorite drinks from lattes to espresso and delectable pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth. So, say farewell to the Keurig and welcome in a cup of coffee from these amazing local spots!

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