Pittsburghese from A to Z the Ultimate Collection Part 11: U & V


We were inspired by the success of previous Pittsburghese posts so we decided to create the ultimate Pittsburghese collection from A to Z. Here is part eleven, U and V.

1. UM-brella (noun)


Sure, Pittsburghers’ umbrella looks the same but the syllable is accented on the first syllable instead of the second.

2. Unce (noun)


In Pittsburgh, beers aren’t measured in ounces but unces. Used in a sentence could be “I’ll take the 32 unce Ahrn please!”

3. Unthaw (verb)


To defrost, as in “Go unthaw the burgers for dinner.”

4. Uge (adj.)


Pittsburghers were saying “uge” as in “huge” long before the president was!

5. Up air (phrase)


Up there, as in “You see how many birds flew by up air?”

6. Unner da clock (phrase)


Under the clock, as in “Let’s meet unner da Kaufman’s clock!”, an old Pittsburgh favorite.

7. Voka (noun)


Vodka—Pittsburghers tend to just eliminate the D.

8. Videoin’ (verb)


Recording. Used in a sentence could be, “Shh Dad’s videoin’ Judy’s graduation!”

9. Ver-sails (place)


The Pittsburgh suburb Versailles is not pronounced the French way, it is indeed Ver-sails.

10. Vannagrif (place)


The Westmoreland County borough is not Vandergrift, as it’s spelled. It is indeed Vannagrif in Pittsburghese.

Continue your Pittsburghese lessons right here with Part 12, the letter W.

3 thoughts on “Pittsburghese from A to Z the Ultimate Collection Part 11: U & V”

  1. Where can I get the total collection of these terms.

    I was born and raised in the South Side of Pittsburgh and
    live in Virginia Beach, Va.

    Thank You
    Peter Perry

    1. pittsburghbeautiful

      We will be posting them in total once the series is complete. And look for a podcast as well! Thanks for helping to make Pittsburgh Beautiful, Peter!

  2. Love, love ?? these, send them to all my friends across the country. Mostly former Pittsburghers.

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