4 Great Restaurants in Hampton Twp.

restaurants in Hampton twp.


Hampton Township is a suburb of Pittsburgh and located in Allegheny County. It’s quiet and cozy and has some great places to kick back and enjoy a slice or two and a pint—of Iron City of course.

1. Caliente Pizza & Draft House

Restaurants in Hampton Twp.

This laid-back, local pizza joint was named one of Pizza Today’s Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias. Their gourmet pizzas are delicious and include flavors like Grandpa Tony’s Garden full of lots of veggies and the “Godzilla,” with pepperoni, mushrooms, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions and black olives. For more information on Caliente Pizza & Draft House click here.

2. Stack’d Burgers Hampton

Restaurants in Hampton Twp.

Stack’d makes fresh burgers (never frozen) with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Buns are baked daily at a local bakery. There’s also over 100 different customizations to your burger so everyone can have exactly what they want. The Pittsburgh local chain was recognized for having the best Buffalo wings in the ‘burgh at the King of the Wing festival. For more information on Stack’d Burgers Hampton click here.

3. Bob’s Sub

Restaurants in Hampton Twp.
Photo by Eric Felack | Valley News Dispatch

Another Pittsburgh area chain, Bob’s Sub serves up a dozen different kinds of subs, with a “lucky 13th” as whatever a customer wants. Sides include lettuce-based salads, or chips and pickle spears of macaroni and potato salad. The Bob’s in Hampton is right next to a Donut Connection, making it easier for dessert right on the premises! For more information on Bob’s Sub click here.

4. Primantis

Restaurants in Hampton Twp.

I know what yinz are thinking—how in the world did a Primantis make it down to Hampton Township? It’s actually a great place to grab one of the iconic sandwiches without getting stuck in the often chaotic city. Expect to see all your old favorites—sandwiches piled high with cole slaw, fries and meat and cheese. For more information on Primantis in Hampton click here. 


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