Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of South Park Township

A Brief History of South Park Township

History of South Park Township

South Park Township is located in the southernmost part of Allegheny County. A large part of the township includes the park also called South Park. The history of South Park Township begins as the area was part of St. Clair and Jefferson Townships in 1845. It was first called Snowden Township after the businessman John M. Snowden. Snowden was a businessman, politician and former mayor of Pittsburgh. In the ’30s, Allegheny County received large amounts of land from within Snowden Township and created South Park. The success of South Park prompted a 1966 referendum where the town was renamed South Park. South Park is also the location of the Oliver Miller Homestead where the first shots of the Whiskey Rebellion were fired. A log house was built on the site back in 1772 but was later replaced by a stone building where tours are now run.

Facts about South Park Township

History of South Park Township

South Park Township is on the Allegheny Plateau and the neighborhood’s topography is chilly. The community is bordered by five neighborhoods: Baldwin, Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Hills, Union Township and Bethel Park. The South Park school district has one elementary, middle and high school and the district’s mascot is the Eagle. South Park has a decorated athletic program. They are home to a successful soccer program and two state football championships in ’97 and ’05.

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