You can never get enough Pittsburghese.  Here are 9 more to add to your collection of words.  Show them how smart you really are!

1. Tahhrs (noun) 


Tires, or what helps your car move. “Did yinz get your snow tahhrs on?”

2. Buggy (noun)


A shopping cart. Used in a sentence could be: “Can you grab me a buggy from Gint Iggle?”

3. Cahhch (noun)


A couch, as in “I got in trouble with the wife so I had to sleep on the cahhch last night.”

4. Jell (noun)


Jail. “Don’t do that, you don’t want to end up in jell!”

5. Cahhnty (noun)


County, or place of residence like Allegheny or Beaver cahhnties.

6. Fell (verb)


To fail. Used in a sentence, it could be “Too bad she felled the test.”

7. Roon (verb)


To ruin. “You’re going to roon your appetite eating that candy!”

8. Daht’et (phrase)


Doubt it, as in “Will you clean your room today? Daht’et.”

9. Tahhrd (adj.)


Tired. “I’m so tahhrd today, I was up all night!”

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