9 More Pittsburghese Words in Every Pittsburgher’s Dictionary


You can never get enough Pittsburghese.  Here are 9 more to add to your collection of words.  Show them how smart you really are!

1. Tahhrs (noun) 


Tires, or what helps your car move. “Did yinz get your snow tahhrs on?”

2. Buggy (noun)


A shopping cart. Used in a sentence could be: “Can you grab me a buggy from Gint Iggle?”

3. Cahhch (noun)


A couch, as in “I got in trouble with the wife so I had to sleep on the cahhch last night.”

4. Jell (noun)


Jail. “Don’t do that, you don’t want to end up in jell!”

5. Cahhnty (noun)


County, or place of residence like Allegheny or Beaver cahhnties.

6. Fell (verb)


To fail. Used in a sentence, it could be “Too bad she felled the test.”

7. Roon (verb)


To ruin. “You’re going to roon your appetite eating that candy!”

8. Daht’et (phrase)


Doubt it, as in “Will you clean your room today? Daht’et.”

9. Tahhrd (adj.)


Tired. “I’m so tahhrd today, I was up all night!”

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17 thoughts on “9 More Pittsburghese Words in Every Pittsburgher’s Dictionary”

  1. Michele Frederick

    You forgot “Mill”
    Noun: meal, as in breakfast lunch or dinner.
    “As the waitress put the sandwich in front of me she told me to enjoy my mill.”

  2. This is such fun. Grew up in the 30’s and 40’s and these pronunciations were common in the south side and the river towns along the Mon and the Yough. The East end and north side did not use these until well into the 60s.

  3. Shelley Kastner

    After graduation, I moved away from Pittsburgh. But I remember all those words. And I remember when I got hungry, I would ask my friends, “jeet yet?” And never thought it was any different then the way everyone said it everywhere.

  4. Not many would ask if you’re going to clean you room today. It would be when are you gonna rid up dis mess?
    Then it would be daht’t

  5. My first venture away from Pittsburgh was in the early 50’s for a summer job in Washington, DC. I can still remember the reaction of my co-workers when I said I needed to “worsh” clothes.

  6. I was in New York visiting family and we went to the Deli. I asked for a pound of Jumbo and ChipChop ham….
    The guy behind the counter said, “Why kind of Jumbo Ham? What are you talking about?”

    They call Bologna Baloney and they don’t have Chipped Ham, Just SHAVED Ham.

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