8 Reasons Why Pittsburgh is the Greatest City in the World

We know that Pittsburgh is the greatest city in the world. Just in case you needed a reminder, or wanted to send this to anyone thinking about moving to the ‘burgh, we created a list of just some of the many reasons Pittsburgh is just so incredibly wonderful.

1. Our breathtaking views

There’s the often lauded Mt. Washington views, but did you know Travel and Leisure voted the beautiful view from PNC Park one of America’s best views? We all know just how amazing that view is, it’s about time the rest of the world got on board.

2. You can actually achieve the American Dream here

facts about Pittsburgh

You know the car, house, good job, 2.5 kids dream baby boomers wished for? The good news is, despite the state of a lot of the rest of the country (skyrocketing rents, extreme poverty, etc.) in Pittsburgh it CAN happen. In 2014, The Atlantic voted us the second most upwardly mobile city in the country. Pretty cool.

3. We travel in style

Did you know Conde Nast Traveler rated Pittsburgh International Airport the 8th out of 10 best airports in America in 2014? Apparently we were one of the first airports in the U.S. to adopt what’s called “street pricing,” or a promise not to raise prices on customers. Maybe that’s why our mall inside the airport seems to still be around.

4. We are a romantic bunch

Maybe it’s dates like the thrill of a Steelers game, or the ride up the incline, but Amazon named us the eighth most romantic city in the U.S. in 2016.

5. We love to have fun

Redfin named us the number one city for beer lovers and they also named us the third most affordable city for music lovers. WalletHub named us the second best city to celebrate Oktoberfest (Cincinnati was number one…ugh). WalletHub also named us the 14th most fun city in America in 2016. There’s always something to do for everyone on any given Pittsburgh weekend!

6. You can exercise happily here

We were voted by Runner’s World the 17th out of the 50 best running cities in America. With our multitude of bridges and spectacular views, we think we should’ve been number one but hey, 17 isn’t too shabby. With Pittsburgh Parks Department hosting many 5 and 10ks and of course the Pittsburgh Marathon, it’s no wonder runners love it here.

7. We know how to entertain kids

Parents Magazine ranked us the fourth best zoo for kids because of all the interaction and newer attractions like the jungle playground. Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark ride was rated the world’s top funhouse and walkthrough ride at the Golden Ticket Awards in 2016.

8. We’re a friendly bunch

Pittsburgh was voted the 7th friendliest city in America by Travel+Leisure. In the list, the magazine mentions our exuberance for our sports teams and the fact that we are especially nice in the off-season.

These are just a few of the reasons, out of many more, that Pittsburgh is the greatest city in the world!

21 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Pittsburgh is the Greatest City in the World”

  1. Debbie Federico

    We had to move from Pittsburgh (our home for over 18 years where we raised our kids) to Philadelphia. I miss Pittsburgh and the people, culture, food, basically everything about it everyday. Pittsburgh will always be my “home”. Black and gold is in my blood and my heart.

    1. I feel exactly the same way! We moved to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh last April for my husband’s job. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and lived there all of my life so it is definitely “home” for me. Philly cheesesteaks are okay, but I would much rather have a Primanti’s sandwich! Black and Gold
      forever! ?

    2. I also miss pittsburgh. Born and raised there.had to move out in 1980 because of job.my bRotherham and sisters are still there.can’t take pittsburgh out of me especially go steelers

  2. Pittsburgh is one of the best cycling cities in America. Just the Great Allegheny Passage, by itself, makes that argument, but there is much, much more. Check it out.

  3. I love that there is. Something different to do every day!! It’s the greatest city in the world.

  4. We moved from Pittsburgh when my children were 5-8-12. Twenty years later askmy kids where they are from. They say we live in Columbus but we are from Pittsburgh ??

    1. So do my kids. We moved from there twice. Once when they were 4,6,8 lived there 3yrs…the second time they were 16,18, 20 we lived there 4 yrs. We’ve lived in Indianapolis for 7 years and New Hampshire 13 yrs. They all say they’re from Pittsburgh! ??

  5. My family had to leave Pittsburgh due to the decline of the steel industry back in the 80’s. My sons were two and six years old. Regardless of where we have moved for my husband’s career we always consider the ‘Burgh’ our home. The guys don’t want to hear any trash talk about their teams, ever. Miss the great bakeries, too.

  6. Mary Anne Vandivort

    I have lived in Hampton Roads Virginia for over 18 years, but I will always call Pittsburgh home! (From Zelienople PA actually). The best and friendliest people are from Pittsburgh!

    1. Robert J Szarnicki MD

      I left Natrona Heights when I was 17 years old to attend college in NYC. I have had the pleasure to live in cities on the East coast as well as in London and Cardiff Wales. I’ve now lived in San Francisco since 1977 but I left my heart in the Pittsburgh area.

  7. I moved to Pittsburgh literally by accident almost 17 years ago, it was a bad time in my life and I was new and scared and in a brand new city with no money. but the city was so welcoming. The place is breathtaking, I felt free there the people were so nice. I felt that was the best accident that could ever happen to me unfortunately 13 years ago I had to move away and to this day it was the worst mistake ever I wish I could combine the two worlds but I have to be here but if I ever got the chance I’d move back to Pittsburgh in a heartbeat.

  8. I moved to Pittsburgh 18 years ago, and I love the city. There are views every where you look. Each view is unique and some have been given acclaim as “Best View” in the city, state, or country.

  9. Michele lovell

    I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I received my Masters degree from Pitt and then eventually ended up in Lancaster Co. where I have been teaching for 31 years. Let me tell you that the people here are nothing like us Pittsburghers. Pittsburghers are very down to earth, friendly and welcoming. I always say that I don’t belong here and feel like an outcast. Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful neighbors and live in a beautiful community. However, my personality does not match the stoicism that is pervasive around here. I continue to go back home a few times a year to visit with my brother, friends, attend pirate and Steelers games and do the Kenny wood thing. Every time we visit my husband says ” do we have to go to the strip district agai”, just jokingly. My girls too love Pittsburgh and have been raised as Pittsburgh fans. My heart is at home and I miss Pittsburgh so much. I practice photography and I have a hugh picture hanging in my Florida room of the Roberto Clemete bridge at night! I miss the Burgh, my family and friends.

    1. Pittsburgh isnt really like that anymore sadly..i think the good friendly people are still HERE they are just hiding in their own homes afraid of the gangs shootings & street crime..Pittsburgh has been made a trafficking hub by the sinaloa cartel..Ive lived here all my life & never expected “the friendliest city in America” to turn into what i see happening now..
      im told other major cities like Philly Chicago & NYC are far worse so maybe I should count my blessings but the heroin/lethal fentanyl epidemic is hitting us hard

      1. What the hell are you talking about. I was in Bloomfield tonight and there were people walking all over East Liberty, Lawrenceville, and Bloomfield, it was vibrant and safe.

  10. I moved from PGH after 40 years living there to California 11 years ago. When people say where do you live I announce “I am a Calivanian – my ass might be in California, but my heart will always be in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh to be exact.” 8 years ago I purchased season tickets to the Steelers in hopes that one day I will be back. Until then I have loads of friends who share in the joy of the tickets! I get home a few times a year to see family, and am currently looking for a second home in the city. I bleed black and gold. It IS THE BEST CITY in the country!

  11. Catherine Kowalick

    I have lived around Los Angeles now for 40 years and still miss Pittsburgh and Western PA. I wish I could get back more often and I hope the above poster gets his second home in the city. I wish I could do the same but with our finances, it isn’t possible. You don’t realize what you miss until you leave!

  12. I had to leave in the great diaspora of the late 70s-early 80s. I tried for 25 years to come back, and finally got to do so twelve years ago. Though I gave up a lot to do it, I don’t regret it and I’ve been grateful and blessed ever since, to be here at last where my heart is.

  13. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but now that my husband and I are retired, we spend our winters in Florida. We don’t miss the cold, but I sure do miss Pittsburgh. Always so happy to return in the Spring. Sure is the greatest city.

  14. Perhaps I am provincial but there truly is no place like this dynamic, lovely town. Born and raised here, I have seen the changes through the years. Most have been for tbe better. The attractions, the views, the world class hospitals, the restaurants, museum, universities and of course our beloved sports teams. Just to name a few.
    And our beautiful 4 seasons of Western PA. I may love to travel, but I’m a Burgh gal for life. And I bleed Black n Gold!!!

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