A Brief History of Bridgeville

History of Bridgeville

Bridgeville is a borough in Allegheny County located along Chartiers Creek. The village that ended up becoming Bridgeville got its name because of the first bridge built at the crossing of Chartiers Creek (at what is now Washington Ave.). The area was originally named St. Clair Township back in 1763. The southern part was split off to become Upper St. Clair Township in the early 1800s. For approximately 100 years, Bridgeville was a village within Upper St. Clair Township known for the bridge above. People frequently went to that bridge for exchange of goods and services. Mining operations began in the 1880s in Bridgeville. Finally, Bridgeville was officially incorporated as a borough on July 27, 1901.

Facts about Bridgeville

History of Bridgeville

Bridgeville is served by the Chartiers Valley School District. The high school for the community is Chartiers Valley High School. The district serves children from Bridgeville, Collier and Scott Townships and Heidelberg. According to the 2010 census, Bridgeville’s population is those ages 25 to 44. The total population is 5,148 people. Bridgeville is bordered by Collier Township, South Fayette and Upper St. Clair.

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