7 Ways to Bug a Pittsburgher


Photo by @upthesaturation – Instagram

We all know there are some pretty specific ways to bug a Pittsburgher. We put together seven things that really make us tick. We can bet you might feel the same way! If you have things that annoy you as a Pittsburgher, let us know. It may make a future post!

1. Steal their parking spot.

Photo by Jasmine Goldband Photography

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone completely ignoring your parking chair. It’s enough to make Pittsburghers seethe with anger.

2. Insult the city or our sports teams.


Make fun of the Stillers or Pens? You just made yourself an enemy. Even the Bucco’s count.

3. Drive terribly.


Slow down in front of a tunnel, not using your turn signal, driving erratically in the snow or when the first drop of rain hits your windshield? All things Pittsburghers can’t stand.

4. Correct us when we say pop instead of soda.


We all know we settled this debate years ago. It’s pop, forever and always.

5. Ask what chipped ham is at an out of town deli.


Move out of town and go to the deli for lunch meat. Ask for chipped ham and prepare to be annoyed.

6. Say ANYTHING Philadelphia.


We all know saying Philly is the best city in PA is simply not true.

7. Comment on our drinking activities.

Photo by Haley Nelson/Post-Gazette

It’s not our fault our ancestors involved drinking with most Pittsburgh traditions—the Saint Patrick’s Day parade, Steeler games, the night before Thanksgiving. We can keep going.

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