The Strip District is home to a mix of eclectic and delicious restaurants. If you’re craving Italian, Thai or seafood, there’s something for everyone.  Here are 5 restaurants in the Strip District to try.

1. Enrico Biscotti Company

Restaurants in the Strip District

Italian sweets, plus lots of piping hot pizza and pasta are offered in this café and bakery. Settled in and take in its charming atmosphere over a margherita pizza made in their brick oven, or a quattro fromaggio four-cheese white pizza. Their sandwiches made on their homemade pizza dough are incredible too—the original with ham, capicola salami and mozzarella is a winner. More information on Enrico Biscotti Company can be found HERE.

2. Wholey’s

Restaurants in the Strip District

While Wholey’s is a specialty food store first and foremost, it also has a kitchen menu in case you can’t wait until you get home to make some of their mouthwatering seafood. Fish sandwiches have your choice of soft, Mancini or wheat rolls and sides include homemade pierogies, coleslaw or zucchini and squash. More information on Wholey’s can be found HERE.

3. Roland’s Seafood Grill

Restaurants in the Strip District

Roland’s patio seating is perfect for warm Pittsburgh summer nights. Serving up delicious dishes like lobster ravioli, crab cakes, scallops and more, Roland’s is perfect for your next seafood craving. There’s also live entertainment and endless beer selections. More information on Roland’s can be found HERE.

4. Kaya

Restaurants in the Strip District

Caribbean restaurant Kaya is a great place to go if you’re looking for some true fun. Enjoy tasty items like conch fritters jerk chicken and more. Their crispy fish tacos and Cuban sandwich are also to die for. Cocktails are fun too and range from the traditional (mojitos, caipirinhas) to the quirkier (grapefruit-basil margarita, tropic thunder with cucumber vodka). More information on Kaya can be found HERE.

5. Little Bangkok

Restaurants in the Strip District

The cozy Little Bangkok serves up healthy, fresh and 100% authentic Thai food. Their spicy basil special is amazing, a brown chili sauce infused with a Thai basil, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, broccoli and jalapeños. Don’t miss the traditional pad Thai either, with Thai stir-fry, rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions and crushed peanuts. More information on Little Bangkok can be found HERE.

When your done satisfying your appetite, you can visit these places in the Strip.

Here’s a list of more great Pittsburgh restaurants.

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