Elemental Magick has a Beautiful Spirit – presents Lisa Williams

The only metaphysical store located on the west side of Pittsburgh, Elemental Magick provides lots of products and elements for those looking to make their home just a little bit more beautiful. In addition to products, there are readings available for those interested in getting an angel card reading, pet communicator, tarot card reader and more. We spoke to Tabitha Latshaw, co-owner of the shop to learn just a little bit more about Elemental Magick and an internationally known psychic coming to the ‘burgh, presented by the shop.

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: How did the idea for Elemental Magick come about?
TABITHA LATSHAW: As our knowledge of magical things grew, so did our desire to share it with others.  This is truly having a job we all love.

PB: How has a magic/spiritual/psychic shop been received in Sewickley, a typically quiet and a lot of times conservative town?
TL: Sewickley had a shop like ours called The Open Mind for about 11 years, and it was very popular.  The owners closed it about eight years before we opened.  I think everyone missed having a shop like that in town. Our store has been very well received.  It’s location also draws customers from other surrounding counties.

PB: Can you tell readers a little bit about what you do at the shop?
TL: We sell crystals, jewelry, candles, incense and books.  We also have psychic and tarot readers but our store has evolved into a place where people come for help and advice with almost anything. We can help with what crystals help clear negative energy, to how to live peacefully with spirits in your home.

PB: Tell us a bit about yourself. What originally got you interested in being a small business owner? Have you always been into the types of offerings Elemental Magick has?
TL: The three of us, the owners, are third degree Witches so we are very into crystals and the metaphysical healing powers they possess.  We took our love of all things magical and made it into a small business we are very proud of.

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PB: We saw you’re presenting international pyschic Lisa Williams. For those who are unfamiliar, tell us a little about what she does?
TL: Lisa Williams is an amazing psychic medium.  I’ve been a fan since she had a show on Lifetime years ago. She’s written books and teaches classes on mediumship.  The three of us took several mediumship classes she taught at Lily Dale, a spiritualist community that holds classes on all things mediumship.

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PB: Why should patrons attend the show?
TL: Lisa can connect and communicate with our friends and loved ones that have passed on.  For some, this might be the opportunity of a lifetime to hear a message from their dearly departed.

PB: Since we are called Pittsburgh Beautiful, what do you think makes Pittsburgh such a unique and interesting city?
TL: Pittsburgh is beautiful because it rose from the ashes of the steel industry to become one of the best cities in the country.  There is so much culture and character in our little town.

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