Looking to show friends and family from out of town some great places in the Strip District? You’ll love these five places to go in the Strip District we put together!

Check out Wholey’s

places to go in the Strip District

For out-of-towners, Wholey’s is a sight to see. Established over 100 years ago, this fish market may smell not-so-great, but it’s a great place to take those who aren’t from the area to show them a little piece of Pittsburgh history. From delicious crab cakes to fresh salmon, Wholey’s is a centerpiece of the Strip. See Wholey’s Website here.  

Wholeys is a must as far as places to go in the Strip District are concerned!

Eat doughnuts at Peace, Love and Little Donuts

places to go in the Strip District

These 1970s-inspired doughnut shops (there’s an outpost in Smallman St. and another in Oakland). There’s toppings like maple sugar cinnamon sugar and more, fan favorite mocha donuts and if you’re doing crazy, there are “funkadelic” donuts. Guests visiting will adore this fun little shop as you’re touring the Strip. Check out their website here.

Go Souvenir Shopping At Yinzers

places to go in the Strip District

One of the best parts of the Strip District are the fun souvenir shops that line its main streets.  Yinzers, an iconic place in the Strip for everything Pittsburgh, is shown above. You’ll find t-shirts with both fun and hilariously obscene sayings for the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates as well as multiple other Pittsburgh-themed gifts. If your visitors want to take a piece of Pittsburgh home with them, these shops are where to do it.

Stock up at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

places to go in the Strip District

This Italian grocery center has been around since 1902. Head here with friends and family from out of the area to show them some of the best olive oils, tomatoes and cheeses around. They can even join a cheese of the month or pasta of the month club. There’s also fresh chestnuts perfect for roasting around that open fire with your loved ones. Here is the link to Penn Mac’s Website.

Grab a Coffee at Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange

places to go in the Strip District

If you’re walking through the Strip District on a cold winter day, there’s nothing like a warm hot cup of joe from this coffee shop, arguably some of the best in the city. They offer unique in-house nitros as well as coffee and tea from around the world.  The place smells delicious!  For more on Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange Click Here.

If you’re hungry while visiting, here are 5 great restaurants in the Strip District.

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