5 Great Restaurants in Millvale

Restaurants in Millvale


Millvale is a great place to grab some good eats. They’re home to neighborhood bars, tasty sandwich shops and more. Here are just five of the many great places to eat in the community.

1. Bar 3 Millvale

Restaurants in Millvale

The neighborhood Bar 3 is a great place to take advantage of their daily specials. Monday’s burger night, Tuesday is tacos (naturally—Taco Tuesday), Wednesday is wing night, Thursday is pasta and Friday is live music. Weekends are family-friendly brunches from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. For more information on Bar 3, click HERE.

2. Iron Born Pizza

Restaurants in Millvale

Detroit style pizza is served at this takeout-only place. There are seven main pies and eight seasonal pies that are 8×10, thick crust style. There are also desserts and sandwiches and a caesar side salad. For more information on Iron Born Pizza, click HERE.

3. Duncan Street Sandwich Shop

Restaurants in Millvale

Mouthwatering sandwiches abound at this shop, including one called the Nashville Hot Turkey, with garlic aioli, sweet relish, romaine and onion. There are also salad options and the ice cream of the day. There’s also a mean broccoli and cheddar soup too. For more information on the Duncan Street Sandwich Shop, click HERE.

4. Grant Bar

Restaurants in Millvale

The super relaxed Grant Bar serves up traditional, simple American food. There’s a warm chicken soup, chicken parm, teeming coconut cream pie and more. Their signature marinated steak is a must try too. For more information on Grant Bar, click HERE.

5. Nova Café

Restaurants in Millvale

Nova’s tagline is “Catering, Deli and Good Ol’Fashioned Food.” The deli serves soups and deli sandwiches (their chicken salad triple club is delicious), gourmet blend coffee and breakfast sandwiches. There’s even french toast and burgers and fried zucchini sticks, a Pittsburgh original! For more information on Nova Café, click HERE.

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  1. People don’t always know about the Millvale Diner-Corner of North & Lincoln. Their food is excellent. I ordered a steak omelet there and it was as big as the plate. The steak was tender, and lots of it. His ingredients are always fresh. Great place to eat.

  2. I anxious to try the Millvale Diner. I’ve heard the food is very good. Are you available for indoor eating at diner? It would probably be around 4:00 pm.?

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