9 More Words to Add to Your Pittsburghese Dictionary

Pittsburghese Dictionary

We’re back with more Pittsburghese to add to your ever-growing dictionary. If you have a word or phrase you want to see listed in a future post, leave a comment below!

1. Cellar (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Basement, or space underneath a house. Often where laundry is done or a second freezer or fridge is located.

2. Howlin’ (verb)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

To laugh hysterically. Used in a sentence could be “She was howlin’ at that Pittsburgh Beautiful post!”

3. Zack-same (phrase)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

The exact same. For example, you may have the “zack-same” dress as your friend.

4. Dahn a haus (phrase)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

To visit someone at their home. Used in a sentence could be “I’m going dahn a grandma’s haus!”

5. Hi’Lynn Park (place)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Highland Park, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh

6. Prr-man-ees (restaurant)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Primanti’s restaurant, home of the famous sandwiches.

7. Yoi! Double yoi! (phrase)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

The phrase made popular by former Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope. It is used during times of extreme excitement or craziness during a game.

8. Alls (phrase)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Usually used in place of the word all. Used in a sentence could be “Alls I have left to do is clean the kitchen.”

9. Ahch! (exclamation)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

The word “ouch.”

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  1. How about “gum banz” or gum bands instead of rubber bands. Also, we went down to the crick (creek).

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