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Pittsburgh is one of the most legendary cities in the world. Here are just seven of the many foods that make our city the wonderful place it is today.

1. Fries

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

Pittsburghers should not let anyone tell us otherwise—we know what to do with fries! Whether it’s Kennywood’s iconic Potato Patch fries, Primantis fries on their sandwiches or fries on salads, we love our fried potatoes.

2. Pierogies

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

Pittsburgh may have Poland itself beat as far as authentic, delicious pierogies. There are plenty of places in the city to grab a delicious plate or two! Pittsburgh loves pierogies so much we even have pierogi representation during our Pirates mascot races.

3. Ketchup

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

Pittsburghers know that we invented the only permissible ketchup at the dinner table—Heinz. Anything else just tastes like watery tomatoes to us.

4. Big Macs

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

Anyone who’s bitten into a McDonald’s Big Mac before may have had a Pittsburgher seemingly appear out of nowhere to remind them that the sandwich was indeed invented in our city. The Big Mac was invented in a McDonald’s kitchen in the Ross Township area.

5. Chipped ham

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

Deli owners who don’t live in the Pittsburgh area may have quite the time perfecting chip chopped ham for native Pittsburghers. There is nothing like Pittsburgh area chipped ham and it’s fun to think about how we invented the lunchtime delicacy!

6. Cookies

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

With wedding cookie tables being a staple in the Pittsburgh area, chances are we have either tried or made any type of cookie you can think of.

7. Fried zucchini

Legendary Pittsburgh Foods

Fried zucchini is not as easily found outside of the ‘burgh. There’s something so uniquely Pittsburgh about both a dive bar and fancy Italian restaurant serving equally delicious, nice and crunchy sticks of fried zucchini.

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