A Brief History of Moon Township

History of Moon Township

Moon Township, or Moon for short, is part of the Pittsburgh metro area. Moon is 12 miles northwest of the city. The settlement of Moon was due to, during the French and Indian War, the Iroquois ceding land to English settlers and traders.

Native American interpreter Andrew Montour (name sound familiar?) was given one of the first land patents which later became Neville Island and Coraopolis. Later, in 1773, a settle by the name of John Meek was given a land grant from Virginia and it became Moon Township.

Facts About Mooon township

History of Moon Township

The origin of the name Moon Township is said to have come from a crescent-shaped bend in the river. There are some myths and tales of a waning crescent moon that fell into farmer’s fields and killed witnesses.

During the Cold War, Moon was the location of Nike surface-to-air missiles. The site is now a nature preserve. Moon was named one of the country’s best places to live in 2007 and BusinessWeek.com ranked Moon as one of its five most affordable Northeast suburbs.  The area’s many shopping and business districts attract thousands of visitors every year, making this neighborhood one of Pittsburgh’s most popular suburbs.