A Brief History of Sewickley

History of Sewickley

Sewickley is a borough located about 12 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh with a population of around 3,000. The borough of this lovely neighborhood is bordered by Edgeworth, Osborne and Sewickley Heights. Three of the 11 municipalities located near the town all share the same post office and 15143 zip code. The “village” as the locals like to refer to it,  is just across the Ohio River from Moon Twp.

Facts About Sewickley

History of Sewickley

The name of the town is said to be a Native American word meaning “sweet water.” Most take that to mean the Ohio River, but historians debate whether its that or the syrup from all the maple trees. The Sewickley Public Library is one of the top 25 largest libraries in the Pittsburgh Business Times Book of Lists. Multiple movies were filmed in this neighborhood, including Houseguest (where a local Bruegger’s was briefly turned into a working McDonald’s). Scenes from Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher, The Lifeguard with Kristen Bell and the Mothman Prophecies. Foxcatcher, with big names like Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum was also shot in the Sewickley area.

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