Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Bon Air

A Brief History of Bon Air

history of Bon Air

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The history of Bon Air  begins with  the neighborhood located in the southern and western part of Pittsburgh. While it’s smaller in size, it actually services two different postal zip codes. The area is not near many neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and is actually located on a mountaintop within the city of Pittsburgh. The neighborhood is a mix of single people, families and seniors. All of the residences in this small and private neighborhood are single family homes due to a restriction on commercial zoning in the area, to preserve the residential appeal. To the North of Bon Air is McKinley Park, having a 1200-foot drop down to Bausman Avenue, to the west another drop down to Route 51.

Facts About Bon Air

history of Bon Air

As we previously mentioned, this tiny neighborhood is surrounded by steep mountains and forests, even within the city. Bon Air is accessible only by two connecting streets from Knoxville. Although it is in the “mountains,” the neighborhood is actually only minutes from urban areas like Downtown and Oakland, with many of the residents travelling to these areas for employment. Bon Air has earned the claim to fame as “Country Living in the City,” which makes sense with its “rural” location. The neighborhood has its own trolley stop and a bus that travels exclusively between Oakland and the neighborhood. The history of Bon Air is certainly a unique view of the history of Pittsburgh.

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