As Pittsburghers, sometimes it seems as if we have a completely different language. Here’s another post with nine more Pittsburghese words in our very own Pittsburgh “dictionary.” Don’t forget to send this to friends who now live out of town or newbies who want to know just exactly what we’re saying!  And remember… you can tell a true Pittsburgher anywhere when they talk n’ at!

1. Run the sweeper (phrase)

Pittsburghese Words

To use the vacuum cleaner. “Yinz better run the sweeper!”

2. City chicken (dish)

Pittsburghese Words

Actually pork and sometimes veal or beef on skewers and coated and fried or baked. This faux-chicken dish has been passed through Pittsburgh generations for years.

3. Gum band (noun)

Pittsburghese Words

A rubber band. “Hey, can yinz grab me a gum band for these papers?”

4. Hills (noun) 

Pittsburghese Words

High heels. Used in a sentence, it could be: “I’ve got my hills on, I’m ready to go bar hopping!”

5. Jaggerbush (noun)

Pittsburghese Words

A thorny bush. “Ouch! I fell onto a jaggerbush and cut my hand!”

6. Worsh (verb)

Pittsburghese Words

To wash, or clean up. Example: “Go worsh up for dinner!”

7. Nebby (adjective)

Pittsburghese Words

To be nosy, getting into other people’s business. “That Carol in accounting is so nebby!”

8. Gint Iggle (place)

Pittsburghese Words

Giant Eagle, the chain of grocery stores around the area. “Can yinz get me some chipped ham at Gint Iggle?”

9. Jagoff (adjective)

Pittsburghese Words

An annoying or particularly irritating person. “You know that one player on the Bengals? What a real jagoff!”

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