A Brief History of Brookline

history of Brookline

Brookline is surrounded by Baldwin, Beechview, Dormont, Mt. Lebanon, Overbrook, Carrick and Bon Air. The community was part of the larger West Liberty Borough before it was absorbed into the city of Pittsburgh in 1908. Early in the history of Brookline, it was a community of miners and farmers. As part of the South Hills area, Brookline got to enjoy technological advances like the transportation of coal due to the installation of lines for the Pittsburgh & Castle Shannon Railroad Co. With the automobile age, the Liberty Tunnel was soon completed.

Fun Facts

history of Brookline

In 1905, Pittsburgh Railways built a rail line in 1915 that extended south along West Liberty Avenue to Dormont, where it was linked with what was called the 42 Dormont line. Brookline is a tight-knit, family-oriented community. It’s quite walkable and boasts one of the largest under 18 populations in the city. A recent change has been a huge renovation of Brookline Boulevard, including sidewalk and lighting upgrades, landscaping, benches and more. There are great restaurants in Brookline too, like Antonio’s for pizza and the Party Cake Shop for some delicious bakery goods. There is even a food tour focusing on Brookline called “Brookline: Pittsburgh’s Undiscovered Gem” (at $39 with food included it’s not a bad deal!). Private tours are also available.  The history of Brookline is just another great story in the history of Pittsburgh!

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