Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Overbrook

A Brief History of Overbrook

history of overbrook

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Overbook is a community in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh.  The history of Overbrook begins with the neighborhood originally named Fairhaven. Its name was changed to Overbrook when it broke away from Baldwin Township and was therefore a borough. The community is located on the edge of the city and is south of Downtown Pittsburgh. Overbrook Community Center, a historic building, is still used by the neighborhood and has kept its borough origins.  Overbrook is a mix of new and old today.

Fast Facts about Overbrook

history of overbrook

Overbrook is surrounded by Brookline, Carrick, Castle Shannon and Whitehall. It was one of the very last annexed into the city. Overbook has become a favorite of young families as it’s convenient to Phillips and Brookline Parks, downtown, Station Square and two malls (Century III and South Hills Village). The Overbrook Center and field give the young people of Overbrook plenty of recreation ideas. The average age of Overbrook dwellers is 43. A large amount of people are homeowners in the neighborhood (83 percent). Its population is 3,709. Its cost of living score was an A+ and weather in the area earned a solid B. The average household size in Overbrook is 2.2 people.

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  1. My parents and our family lived in Overbrook from the late 50’s till the early 80’s on Olivet St. and then on Overbrook Blvd.. great neighbors back then. Didn’t really worry about locking the door. My Grandfather built the foundation for St. Norbert’s church. We attend it, South Hils Catholic and Saint Francis Academy. Loved the Burgh, but I ended up in Houston in ’82. Two great cities!

    1. I know Overbrook Blvd so well. Lived one house off of it on Valera St from birth to about 22. Remember it used to be all bricks until they paved it over. Either pavers or asphalt, it was a real b***h every time it snowed even a little because of how steep it was. And there was a great little bar at th ecorner of Overbrook and Rt 51

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