A Brief History of Beltzhoover

history of Beltzhoover

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Beltzhoover is a neighborhood in the southern portion of Pittsburgh, near the South Hills. The area was named after the German Melchior Beltzhoover, who was a tradesman in the early 19th century. When the area was still just farmland, Warrington Ave. was known as Washington Road and was actually the main way to get from Pittsburgh to Washington, PA. In the 1860s, a firm called McLain and Maple bought the farms and laid out plots and streets. The son-in-law of Benjamin McLain named a street for each of his children. Many of Beltzhoover’s streets have interesting names, like “Butcher’s Grove,” which was once a spot for oxen roasts by local butchers and slaughterhouses, is now called McKinley Park. Magazine Hill was where brick powder magazine was made around the Civil War in 1863 when General Lee threatened. Housing in Beltzhoover dates from 1850 to 1900. The community was annexed to the city in 1898.

Facts About Beltzhoover

history of Beltzhoover

The neighborhood is currently undergoing revitalization by the Beltzhoover Concerned Citizens Development Cooperation. Originally mostly German, the neighborhood is now heavily populated by those of  African American and Italian descent. The neighborhood is in the 18th ward of the city. Surrounding neighborhoods include Allentown, Bon Air, Knoxville, Mount Washington, Beechview and Brookline.