The Best Cookies In Pittsburgh

Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

We all know if there’s one thing Pittsburgh does perfectly, it’s the cookie. So we went on a quest to find the best cookies in Pittsburgh… and we did!  Now, of course these aren’t the only cookies in Pittsburgh, and if you have a favorite, be sure to comment below!

Nancy B’s Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

Nancy B’s was voted Pittsburgh’s best chocolate chip cookie by WPXI TV a few years ago. One of their chocolate chips cost $1.50 and a dozen are $18. Warm one up in your microwave and pair it with an ice cold glass of milk for an old-school treat. 415 W. 7th Ave., West Homestead, PA 15120, more information HERE.

Prantl’s Thumbprints with Jimmies

 Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

We all know of course the term for those brightly colored sugary bits are jimmies and only jimmies. Prantl’s may be famous for their almond torte but their cookies are just as delicious. One of their standouts is the thumbprint with rainbow jimmies. Just a touch of icing will put you in utter happiness mode. Downtown-438 Market St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222, Shadyside-5525 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, PA 15232, more information HERE.

Good L’Oven Cookie Shop’s Heath Chip Cookie

 Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

This shop devoted solely to cookies has your typical chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin, but its unique flavors are what makes it truly special. The Heath chip cookie is perfect for those toffee lovers and those who adore the candy. Good L’Oven makes me think of old-fashioned homemade cookies with a delicious twist. Cookies are typically $8 for a half dozen, $15 for a whole dozen. 419 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, PA 15202, more information HERE.


 Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

The cookies at Madeleine Bakery are tasty, satisfying and delicious.  This bakery serves up a bevy of freshly-baked, classic French pastries.  Satisfy that cookie craving right here!  609 S TRENTON AVE, PITTSBURGH, PA 15221  Visit their web site HERE.

Bethel Bakery’s Lady Lox

 Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

Available as part of their special occasion cookies (in case you have a wedding, baptism, or other celebration on the horizon), Bethel Bakery’s lady lox are not to be missed. They come in mini, raspberry or chocolate buttercream filled and are to die for. The raspberry is just enough tart sweetness and the chocolate buttercream is like a pillowy taste of heaven. 5200 Brightwood Rd., Bethel Park, PA 15102, more information HERE.

Eat N’ Park’s Smiley Cookies

 Delicious Cookies in Pittsburgh

We couldn’t make our first list of Pittsburgh’s best cookies without mentioning the iconic smiley cookie. Eat N’ Park’s smileys of course change their look throughout the year with Christmas trees around the holidays and bunnies for Easter. There’s nothing better that reminds us of home than these circular sugary desserts. Multiple locations around Pittsburgh, more information HERE.

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    1. Actually, Mini Lady Locks/Lox are actually called Clothespin cookies…because old recipes called for rolling puff pastry dough around greased clothespins to shape the cookies into cylinders, which are filled after baking. (The clothespins were the old wooden, one-piece ones.)

  1. Doreen L Elsesser

    I can guarantee that the best and the biggest cookies come from Good L’oven cookies. Always freshly baked. I have even gotten them while they are still warm from the oven.

  2. You may not know it (many Eat’n Park fanatics do not!)– but Eat’n Park Smiley Cookies are also available online at These cookies are a step above the ones you find in the store as they are available in a wide variety of shapes & sizes (the minis are my favorite) and they are nut free, kosher & available in bulk. They can also be shipped across the United States for any yinzer-abroad!

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