There’s something so collectively exciting about a Penguins game at home in Pittsburgh. The city is just a little bit more booming with the thrilling prospect of getting one step closer to the Cup. We’re a city of champions and we love to celebrate that. It’s part of what makes Pittsburgh such a unique and wonderful city. Here’s to our Pens!

Watching the Pens

1. The playoffs game day “gold out” t-shirts at PPG Paints. 

watching the pens

There’s nothing better than being in PPG Paints Arena surrounded by a sea of black and gold. If you can’t make it to the game, there’s nothing like watching a sea of yellow speed by as the camera tries to keep up with the puck.

2. Watching the game on the big screen outside.

Watching the Pens

When the outdoor big screen returns for the playoffs, you know it’s time to really get down to business. There’s something so thrilling about being surrounded by all your fellow Pens fans as we go through the nerve-racking, exciting quest for the Cup.

3. Themed food.

watching the pens

Primanti’s unveiled its HBK Line sandwich last year, a sandwich stacked high with ham, bacon and kielbasa (and of course their signature fries). It’s items like that that make stopping by for a bite before the game just that much more fun. It’s easy to have themed food when you’re cheering on Phil Kessel too, just grab a hot dog and you’re ready to go!

4. The collective emotions we feel as a city during the course of a game.

Watching the Pens

Honestly, what other city can you experience excitement, hate, anger, love, denial, sadness and basically every human emotion possible in one game? It’s always a day-long mental preparation for the game.

5. Pittsburgh neighborhoods decorated for the game.

Watching the Pens                        Watching the Pens

Drive through any neighborhood in Pittsburgh on game day and chances are you’ll see “It’s a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh!” flags and “LET’S GO PENS” yard signs. There’s something so unifying about knowing that the Pens are just “dahn” the street playing some playoff hockey on their road to another Stanley Cup.


LET’S GO PENS! What do you love about watching the Pens at home? Let us know in the comments!

Oh… and one bonus reason… our pets get into the act…!

Watching the Pens

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