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We were inspired by the success of previous Pittsburghese posts so we decided to create the ultimate Pittsburghese collection from A to Z. Here is part five, I and J.

1. The Igloo (place)


The old Civic Arena which resembled an igloo.

2. The Icebox (noun)


Another name for a fridge, as in “can you grab me a cold Ahrn City outta the icebox?”

3. Ig’nernt (adj.)


Ignorant. Used in a sentence could be “Can you believe how ig’nernt that person was?”

4. In a baht a (phrase)


In about a/an, as in “I’m headed to Kennywood in a baht a hour, I’ll meet ya there.”

5. Ichin’ (verb)


Itching—like “Wow my back is itchy today!”

6. Jagoff (noun)


The ultimate Pittsburgh insult. A very rude and unlikable person.

7. Jaggerbush (noun)


A thorny bush.

8. Jimmies (noun)


What Pittsburghers call sprinkles, as in “I’d like some rainbow jimmies for my ice cream sundae please.”

9. Jaggin’ (verb)


Messing with, as in “Mom! Billy is jaggin’ me again!”

10. Juke (verb)


To fake out or duck to avoid someone in a fight or sporting event.

Time to move on to the next Pittsburghese lesson, the letters K & L.

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