A Brief History of Pine Township

History of Pine Township

North of Pittsburgh and established in 1796, Pine Township included part of Allegheny County north of the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers and its original limits actually included 11 modern day townships and bits and pieces of three more. When McCandless Township was given away, Pine Township was made as 17 square miles. The first settlers in the community included Thomas Rodgers, his son William and grandsons George, William and Thomas, as well as Samuel Beatty. Wexford, located in Pine, was created in 1828. In 1900, there were six churches located in Pine, including the still active Cross Roads Presbyterian (dating back to 1827!). St. Alphonsius Catholic Church came around in 1864 and the first school opened in 1800. In 1860, the population was 1,021 and in 1880 dropped to 773.

Facts about Pine Township

History of Pine Township

Pine Township is located in Allegheny County. As of the 2010 census, the population of the community was 11,497. It got its name from the large amounts of pine trees in the area. The township is mostly Caucasian, followed by African American and Asian. The average household size was 3.14 and the average family was about three and a half. The median income per household was $85,817.

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