5 Places with Seriously Delicious Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up which has got us craving one thing—ice cream! Luckily Pittsburgh has some great places to grab an ice cold sweet treat. Make your way through the city and its suburbs with this ice cream list we put together. It’s just a start, so stay tuned later this summer for more delicious mentions. If you’d like more information, links to the shops are in their titles.

1. Page Dairy Mart, Southside

ice cream in Pittsburgh

Since 1951, Page Dairy Mart has been serving up seriously decadent ice cream. People can’t stop talking about their chocolate chip cookie sundae and their shakes are one of the best in the city. If you’re craving a classic dipped cone, this is the place to go.

2. Dave & Andy’s, Oakland

ice cream in Pittsburgh

There’s nothing better than strolling around Oakland and catching a whiff of Dave & Andy’s warm homemade waffle cones. Spend the summer trying the shop’s over 200 flavors of ice cream. Their birthday cake ice cream is to die for, as is their chocolate chip cookie dough. Watch out for fun and unique flavors added to the mix like chocolate bacon ice cream.

3. Graeter’s, Wexford

ice cream in Pittsburgh

The Ohio staple has crossed the border into our lovely area with an outpost in Wexford. Enjoy summer-specific flavors like orange and cream and a light and airy banana chocolate chip flavor. New flavors just added include strawberry cheesecake and a strawberry chocolate chip as well as excellent sorbets and low glycemic flavors for those with diet restrictions.

4. NatuRoll Creamery, Lawrenceville

ice cream in Pittsburgh

Featuring the new rolled ice cream craze, NatuRoll in Lawrenceville is a must-try. Enjoy all your favorite toppings inside ice cream rolled up and kept ice cold. NatuRoll likes to have fun with its flavors and concoctions, so stop in for ice cream you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

5. Custards First Stand, Emsworth

ice cream in Pittsburgh

This ice cream stand off of Camp Horne Rd. is a hidden gem. With new flavors to keep guests entertained like Hershey’s Midnight Caramel ice cream, Custards is one to try this summer. This dessert stand is perfect for the whole family as it offers shakes, sundaes, dipped cones and glaciers (their version of Dairy Queen blizzards).

We can’t wait to stop by these yummy ice cream shops this summer! Where are some of your favorite places to stop for ice cream in Pittsburgh?  Here’s our follow up list… 5 More Places with Seriously Delicious Ice Cream in Pittsburgh!

10 thoughts on “5 Places with Seriously Delicious Ice Cream in Pittsburgh”

  1. I recommend heading to Route 8 for Churn….amazing owner story and beyond compare ice cream.

  2. crafton dairy delight or crafton creamery? it’s on steuben st right by the shopping center. huge selection of everything ice cream top quality all the way

  3. Didn’t see Isalys on your list. Left the Pgh area in 1960 after the Bucs beat the Yanks and have lived in sunny Southern Cal ever since. Didn’t get back much in the last 57 yrs. still love the Bucs,Steelers And Pens though. What do yinz think.

  4. The Flying Squirrel in Carnegie is AMAZING ! and Don’t forget Sarris Ice Cream Parlor in Canonsburg…. It is worth the drive !!!

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  6. Rolling Cones ice cream truck serves Penn State Creamery ice cream and they will bring it right to you!

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